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Host 2015…. It’s time to “Coffee Opera Hipster”

Opera and coffee are two typical element of Made in Italy. Two pleasures able to nourish the soul and to give energy to the body, offering a feeling of eternity to those who enjoy it.

An unchangeable eternity that adapts to the contemporary. As well as the coffee is renewed itself and takes many forms, from the espresos to the American, the same way opera is a living material, which preserves itself all classical forms that make it immortal, never losing its relevance.

The event “Coffee Opera Hipster” (Sunday, October 25 starting at 19.30 at “La Triennale di Milano”) has just the aim of feeding the soul of Nuova Simonelli guests who will take part. An experience to live and to enjoy just like coffee or opera.

Opera tells timeless stories talking about feelings that never change their substance. At the same time, even the classic arias can surprising for their modernity, whenthey are performed by a DJ like NicoNote is.

Eclectic and versatile artist, focused on research and expressive voice, she will mix the most famous pieces of the Opera history, exclusively vinyl. Modernity and tradition meet, in a revival that will enhance the authenticity of the past, without ever being overwhelmed by nostalgia.

The event was created in occasion of Host and Expo2015 thanks to the collaboration between Nuova Simonelli and Macerata Opera Festival, creating a show included in the project Feeding the Soul, which this year brought more than 30 thousand spectators to attend the opera season in Macerata.

Two excellence that, through their creations, representing the Italian style in the world. Since 1936 Nuova Simonelli invests in knowledge to create technical and service solutions in order to give its contribution to coffee industry growth.

With its 51 editions the Macerata Opera Festival brings to the stage (the longest in Europe) the great opera.

Thanks to Sferisterop unsurpassed acoustics and monumental and deep size, its stage hosted the greatest opera singers: Mario Del Monaco, Luciano Pavarotti, Katia Ricciarelli, Renato Bruson, Montserrat Caballe, Placido Domingo .