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HOST 2015: Flashgrill Deluxe and Windry, innovative technologies for bars and pubs

Energy saving, professional level cooking quality, very low cooking smoke and low heat radiation: all this now available for pubs, bars and small catering firms. It is the Flashgrill Deluxe, the small version of the commercial griddle Flashgrill produced by Gruppo Zernike.

It will be displayed during the HOST 2015 Exhibition in Milan together with several other innovations of the company, at the booth G60-H59 in Hall 4, and also inside the Innovation Gallery, having been awarded the Smart Label by the Poli Design Institute of Milan.

Its elegant and fine design, its small size (only 60cm of depth), and its low installed power make FlashGRILL Deluxe the ideal solution for the kitchen of bars, pubs and small catering.

“With this Deluxe version – affirms the CEO of Gruppo Zernike Giuseppe Molinari – small catering and small pubs and bars will be able to profit from the high-level performances and the energy costs reduction of our Flashgrill system.

Furthermore, this device is designed also for cooking frozen food without any fluctuations of the cooking surface temperature, this way satisfying the necessities of quickness of service typical of very busy small locals.”

The Flashgrill system’s low cooking temperatures enhance the food natural flavours and the food’s smoke point is never reached, thus avoiding to produce amines and organic carboxylic acids, which are harmful to health.

In addition, besides cooking meat, fish, vegetables and fruit without burns and in a healthy way, this griddle is perfect to grill panini and sandwiches, warming up piadinas, focaccias and slices of pizza.

Another innovation produced by Gruppo Zernike for bars and pubs is the Windry: the cutlery and glasses dryer which eliminates manual drying operations, speeding up the loading and unloading of the washer basket, and delivering a perfect, shining, water mark free drying which substantially improves the level of service.