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Horeca 2020: The biggest trade show in Greece for the hospitality industry

ATHENS, Greece – In its 14-year long course, Horeca has managed to become the most important commercial forum in Greece and an indisputable center of investment options for improving the infrastructure and services of hotels and food service businesses.

Thus, in its 15th consecutive organization, faithful to its principles and mission, and with the support of all the institutional bodies of the industry, it will help promote the quality of and enhance the Greek tourist product with consistency, professionalism and upgraded sectors.

The 50,000 sq. m. exhibition area at the Metropolitan Expo in Athens will be covered from 7 to 10 February by 550 exhibitors, among which the largest and most important suppliers of food service and hotels.

Without a doubt, it will once again become a pole of attraction for every professional of the Tourism and Food Service sector who respects his work and seeks its evolution.

This is precisely why Horeca has managed to establish itself as the leading exhibition in Greece and one of the most important of the Tourism Industry internationally.

Special events that highlight the future of the industry

Keeping up to date with the latest developments in products and services is always a cornerstone for a business with good organizational structures and commercial efficiency. This will be the point where the rich side events of HORECA 2020 that will take place in 4 specially designed and impressive stages will focus.

In the Business Lab, we will analyze all modern solutions for the effective management and administration of hotels and food service businesses.

Coffee and drinks are two of the show’s big “chapters”. Talented and experienced baristas and bartenders will unfold their expertise and talents in the Coffee Events and the Beer & Spirits Shows.

At the same time, the Pan-Hellenic Coffee and Cocktails Championships will be held by SCA Greece and the Barmen Association of Greece respectively. Lastly, in the Gastronomy Forum, chefs of international reputation will promote gastronomy as an integral part of our country’s tourist product.

The annual General Assembly of the HCH at the 15th Horeca

Horeca 2020 will also host the 9th Annual General Assembly of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH), the most important institutional meeting of Greek hoteliers. In this way the show actively supports the heavy industry of our country, Tourism.

At the same time, Horeca’s key role in the development of the industry is confirmed by the most official body.