Tuesday 06 December 2022

Here is why Kraft Heinz says its Macaroni & Cheese can double as a breakfast option

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MILAN – Kraft Heinz will rebrand its iconic blue mac and cheese (Macaroni and Cheese) packaging with “breakfast” instead of dinner, encouraging Americans to start the day with cheesy noodles.

The company hopes the new “breakfast” label could take away some of the shame that is associated with parents serving their kids easy-to-make non-breakfast foods in the morning.

According to a study of 1000 parents conducted in early Q3, Kraft found that 56% of parents have served their kids macaroni and cheese for breakfast more often during the Covid-19 pandemic than ever before. Because why wait for the end of the laborious work from home day to indulge? Technically, Kraft dinner, or, Kraft breakfast, is grains and dairy, the same basic ingredients as breakfast cereal.

The company is also giving away a limited-edition Kraft Mac & Cheese “Breakfast Box.” Each box includes a placemat for kids to color while the mac & cheese is being prepared, a magnet with breakfast topping suggestions, like crumbled sausage, bacon or scrambled eggs, a mug for serving and – of course – the original Kraft Mac & Cheese with special “Breakfast” packaging.

“As a brand loved by the entire family, we’ve learned Kraft Mac & Cheese isn’t just for dinner,” says Kelsey Cooperstein of Kraft Heinz, “A Kraft Mac & Cheese breakfast is a win-win for families at a time when they need all the wins they can get.”

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