Friday 31 March 2023

Here comes YOU, the single-group multi-boiler professional coffee machine by Sanremo

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TREVISO, Italy – Sanremo Coffee Machines never fails to surprise, and is now launching a new professional coffee machine: YOU, the first single-group multi-boiler machine.
This model is designed to provide the coffee world with a machine that can be described as a taste laboratory: compact dimensions, great performance and an ability to exalt the aromas of any type of coffee.

The Features

The features of this new machine are the result of Sanremo Coffee Machines‘s technological experience in the trade and give the user the opportunity to fully control the extraction stage, both manually and electronically.

YOU gives total control over your coffee, from setting the pre-infusion parameters to controlling pressure and the quantity delivered during post infusion.

YOU, the first single-group multi-boiler machine.
YOU, the first single-group multi-boiler machine

In particular, the group has a paddle for manual pressure control during extraction, with a range of up to 11-12 Bar. Due to 12 memory slots that can be modified directly on the machine, each extraction and its parameters can be saved as a custom recipe to be repeated flawlessly.


To ensure the best result in the cup, YOU has impeccable, electronically controlled thermal stability, making its performance reliable and repeatable.

YOU has a multi-function touch-screen
YOU has a multi-function touch-screen

A multi-function touch-screen menu adds to the features on this exclusive Sanremo group, which is specially designed to guarantee efficiency and great performance.

A new dedicated App facilitates connection and ease of use, allowing full control of all the YOU parameters. The different versions available come with selectable water supply from internal tank or main line and with or without a paddle for manual extraction.

Sanremo is proud to give baristas, coffee roasters and experts a unique, efficient machine that also boasts its unmistakable style.

YOU was officially launched at Host Milano 2021, where it was on display and available for practical demonstrations.

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