Thursday 01 June 2023

HEALTH – Heavy drinkers can prevent liver cancer by drinking coffee

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Regular coffee consumption could reduce the risk of liver cancer among people who drink alcohol abusively on a daily basis.

London-based World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF) has released the new study, which discusses the probable causes and prevention of liver cancer. Previously coffee has been also proved to be associated with a number of health and cognitive benefits.

34 previous studies have been analyzed in detail, which included 8 million people, by the WCRF team, along with a team from the American Institute for Cancer Research for Continuous Update Project (CUP), for determining the risk factors for liver cancer.

The study aimed at determining the impact of physical activity, diet and weight on liver cancer risk.

It was found that more than 45 ml of daily alcohol intake is associated with the higher risk of liver cancer among people having higher body mass index (BMI).

The risk of liver cancer increases with alcohol consumption but more than three drinks per day can increase the risk dramatically. Consumption of foods contaminated by aflatoxins (toxins produced by fungi) also leads to higher risk of liver cancer.

The foods which may get affected by aflatoxins include spices, Brazil nuts, figs, black pepper and cereals.

The panel of international experts from the WCRF, who carried out the research, reported that even a single cup of coffee per day is effective in reducing the risk of liver cancer in those who consume more than 45 ml of alcohol a day, which is roughly equivalent to three drinks.

However, the researchers could not provide any reason behind the observation that coffee consumption lowers liver cancer risk.

The new study also suggests that the daily intake of alcohol must be restricted to two drinks for men and one drink for women. Maintaining a healthy weight may also be helpful in reducing the risk.

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