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Halo Coffee secure over £300k in funding to expand their new compostable coffee pod brand

Halo Coffee

MILAN – Halo Coffee secure over £300,000 in funding to expand their compostable coffee pod brand from the UK to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Nearly 60 billion coffee pods are produced annually and the Global Coffee Pods and Capsules market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.72%. Of those, only about 29% of coffee pods are properly recycled — that’s where Halo stepped into the picture.

Since Halo’s foundation in February 2017, their aim has been to make the world’s best coffee in a way that’s best for the world.

By crafting speciality grade coffee capsules that are manufactured from sugarcane and sustainably sourcing their single-origin coffee from the first farm in the world to be awarded a Rainforest Alliance Sustainability A-Grade, HALO does just that.

Founders David Foster and Richard Hardwick sit on the British Coffee Association Sustainability Committee, so their experience in the premium coffee industry has given them unique insight.

Hardwick said:“We’re offering the market a product that doesn’t currently exist: …a fully [home] compostable coffee capsule filled with the finest, rarest and most desirable coffees.”

In December last year, Halo began its crowdfunding journey with Seedrs and has since exceeded its initial campaign target of £300,000 following an explosion in demand for in-home brews.

The purpose of the fundraiser was to accelerate growth. Hence HALO Coffee has also launched its newest expansion, Halo Coffee Germany, to serve the German, Austrian, and Swiss regions.

Consisting of Co-Founders Patrik Fuchs (CEO), Michael Gueth (CMO), and Thomas S. Enge (CFO), their new German team is hugely experienced across varied disciplines, and have a long and successful track record in the coffee industry across the D/A/CH Region.

The trio’s overriding principle – and experience – is that metal and plastic capsules can no longer be sustained by the planet; especially when HALO’s home compostable and garden compatible capsules exist.

Halo’s expansion has led to sales in 70 countries and gained a following of 30,000. Their launch in Germany is a milestone, as it cements the position of HALO as the single truly environmental and harmless coffee capsule brand in the world.