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HAITI – Coffee Cupping Events to be held on 28 and 29 November

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THIOTTE – The first “Coffee Cupping Events” of International scale in Haiti will be held in Thiotte, in the Sud-Est Department, on 28 and 29 November. The initiative was launched by French NGO, Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders (AVSF) and several local partners, through the project “Korekafe”.

This Forum will bring together a dozen internationally renowned panelists including : Florent Gout (France) ; Tibed Yujra Anamoa (Peru); Guylaine Pelletier (Canada), Christophe Eberhart (France), Edouardo Ramos Samahoya (Haiti), Takahiro Inoue (Japan) ; Brad Brandhost (USA), Diane Nsengiyumva (Haiti), Casey Blanche (USA) et Matteo Franzinelli (Dominican Republic) will be ate the rendezvous on 28 and 29 November this year to address the mysteries of Haitian coffee and try to unlock the secrets of all flavors. Will also be present various local actors involved in the coffee sector.

For several weeks the Peruvian Tibed Yujra (Member of the Coffee Quality Institute) through the four corners of Haiti to find the best coffees of our terroirs. He will finish his journey on November 28 in Thiotte to reach these adventurous of taste, eager to satisfy their curiosity in this forum of coffee tasting.

Real part of the heritage, the Café d’ Haiti has always been a major source of pride for Haitians. Grown in Creole gardens located in micro-terroirs distributed at different agro-ecological zones of the country, confers him of cup profiles very diversified until there little known, not only by consumers but also by coffee professionals.

While sought around the world (France, USA, Japan …), Haitian coffee is little valued on niche markets by local actors, because of that ignorance of its specific characteristics, organoleptic characteristics, having never been the subject of an accurate assessment. Causing a loss to the Haiti’s economy in general and for 200,000 rural families involved in this sector in particular.

Recall that AVSF accompanied for more than a year the strengthening of five coffee cooperative networks of Haiti through the “Korekafe” project funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the French Development Agency (AFD).

In order to contribute to a better recovery of Haiti’s coffee, the “Korekafe” project intends to carry out a mapping of the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee produced in the main coffee-growing areas of the country, a first in the history of the country’s coffee.

Partners of the event

The National Institute of Cafe Haiti (INCAH), the National Platform of Coffee Producers of Haiti (PNPCH), the Association of Coffee Growers of Belle Anse (APCAB), the Cooperation of Cooperative of Coffee Producers of the Belle Anse (COOPCAB), the Network of coffee cooperatives Agricultural Region Beaumont (RECARB), the Network of coffee cooperatives of the Northern Region (RECOCARNO), the Union of coffee cooperatives of Baptiste (UCOCAB), the Network of coffee cooperatives of South (RECOCAS), the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Belle Anse (UPAB) as well as national roasting companies Geo Weiner (Café Selecto) and Rebo SA.

Source: HL/ SL/ HaitiLibre

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