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Guatemalan producers win for the first time the SPP Coffee Awards

SPP Awards

EUGENE, Oregon, USA – SPP has unveiled the winners of the IVth SPP 2020 Coffee Awards. Guatemala wins for the first time with the FECCEG cooperative. Three-time champion Peru wins second and third place, with the San Fernando and El Milagro cooperatives.

The SPP Coffee Awards are celebrating their fourth edition in 2020. In the SPP small producer network, there are 65 organizations from a total of about 400 thousand small producer families from 15 countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa:

1. Bolivia
2. Burundi
3. Colombia
4. Congo, DR
5. Ecuador
6. El Salvador
7. Ethiopia
8. Guatemala
9. Honduras
10. India
11. Indonesia
12. Mexico
13. Nicaragua
14. Peru
15. South Africa

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the final public cupping at the world’s largest specialty coffee fair in the SCA had to be cancelled.

However, the SPP 2020 Awards Select Roaster, Cafeto Coffee Company from Eugene, Oregon, USA, also a proud SPP Café Mam brand roaster from the same city, performed the great feat of putting together a Q-grade cupping panel, under SCA protocol adapted to COVID-19 with certified organic green coffee samples provided by SPP producer organizations.

Today we are pleased to announce the winners of the first three places in the competition, with high scores on the official SCA scale

Nelly Miranda, a certified Q-grader from Cafeto Coffee Company tells us about it. “It was a real honor and pleasure for us to be able to taste these exquisite coffees. Not only did the tasters love them, but the entire staff at Cafeto Coffee really enjoyed them. “The variety of aromas and flavors found in these select coffees stands out, ranging from chocolate, dried fruits, lemon, plum and flowers to roast nuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, and peanuts.”

All three coffees are above 1100 meters above sea level and all three are produced using the traditional washing method, resulting in ‘balanced cups’ with high scores on homogeneity.

After three years in a row of Peruvian small producers’ organizations winning the SPP Coffee Awards, this year first place went to Guatemala, with an exquisite coffee produced collectively by FECCEG, the Guatemalan Specialty Coffee Federation, based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.