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GTC announces winners of the 2019 Spring hot loose-leaf tea competition


NEW YORK, U.S. – The Global Tea Championship ( GTC ) awarded five Gold, 12 Silver and 30 Bronze medals to the best, premium hot loose-leaf teas in various categories from around the world. The Championship, which is an independent competition that evaluates and distinguishes the highest quality and best tasting specialty teas, took place Sept. 28 – 29 in Boulder, Colo. at Informa Exhibitions.

The 2019 GTC Spring Hot Loose-Leaf Tea winners include:

–The Good Life Co. (TGL Co.), TGL Co. Gunpowder: Temple of Heaven Gunpowder (Bronze)

Dark Oolong:
–City & Country Fine Tea Corp., Phoenix Mtn. Oolong – Honey Orchid (Silver)
–Ban Lien Tea Cooperative, Red Shan (Bronze)

–Teaja Organic, Keemun Limited Reserve (Gold)
–Organic Origins, Imperial Keemun Private Reserve (Silver)

Golden Monkey:
–Organic Origins, Yunnan Golden Monkey (Silver)
–Teaja Organic, Fuding Golden Monkey (Bronze)

Ceylon Open:
–Lumbini Tea Valley, Sinharaja Wiry Tips (Gold)
–Organic Origins, Ceylon Estate Private Reserve (Bronze)

Ceylon Low Grown:
–Lumbini Tea Valley, Golden Breakfast (Gold)
–Organic Origins, Ceylon Valley (Bronze)

Ceylon Mid Grown:
–Teaja Organic, Ceylon Mid-Mountain (Silver)
–Organic Origins, Ceylon Mid-Mountain (Bronze)

Ceylon High Grown:
–Teaja Organic, Ceylon Summit Supreme (Silver)
–Ceylon Dunkeld Summit (Bronze)

–Organic Origins, Hangzhou Dragonwell Private Reserve (Bronze)

–Teaja Organic, Wild Yunnan Limited Reserve (Silver)
–Organic Origins, Golden Yunnan Limited Reserve (Bronze)

Aged/Baked Oolong:
–Teaja Organic, The Ancients of Anxi (Bronze)

Dong Ding:
–Jhentea, Dong Ding Oolong (Bronze)

African Black (Orthodox):
–Florapharm Tea USA, Black Tea Kenya FBOPFSP Imenti (Bronze)

Darjeeling (1st) Flush:
–International Tea Importers, Organic First Flush Turzum (Bronze)

Darjeeling (2nd) Flush:
–Teaja Organic, Darjeeling Summer Flush (Bronze)

White Tea:
–Nepal Tea, White Prakash (Bronze)

Silver Needles:
–Organic Origins, Silver Needle Private Reserve (Bronze)

Steamed Green:
–Japanese Green Tea Company, Issaku (Silver)
–Teaja Organic, Mie Green Valley (Bronze)

–Opqualis Pte. Ltd., Scarlet Roasted Tea (Bronze)

–Organic Origins, Uji Sencha Limited Reserve (Silver)
–Shohokuenchaten Co. Ltd., Organic Sencha Premium (Bronze)

–Teaja Organic, Mie Kukicha (Bronze)

–Teaja Organic, Ceremonial Grade Matcha (Silver)
–Organic Origins, Competition Grade Matcha Limited Reserve (Bronze)

Pan Fired Green:
–Wild Orchard Green Tea, Early Spring Green Tea (Bronze)

Green Oolong:
–Teaja Organic, Green Oolong (Bronze)

–International Tea Importers, Reserve Mie Yabukita Gyokuro (Gold)
–Shohokuenchaten Co. LTd., Uji Gyokuro Heavenly (Silver)
–Organic Origins, Uji Gyokuro Private Reserve (Bronze)

Oriental Beauty (Bai Hao):
–Teaja Organic, Oriental Beauty Limited Reserve (Gold)

India Black (Orthodox):
–Glenworth Estate Limited, Glendale Orange Twist (Bronze)

Ti Kuan Yin (Jade):
–Organic Origins, Enchanted Garden Ti Kuan Yin (Silver)
–Teaja Organic, Jade Ti Kuan Yin (Bronze)

Lapsang Souchong:
–Teaja Organic, Lapsang Souchong Limited Reserve (Bronze)

Pu-Erh Cooked:
–Teaja Organic, Puerh Supreme (Silver)
–Organic Origins, Puerh Estate Family Reserve (Bronze)

Pu-Erh Raw:
–Teaja Organic, Puerh Hekai (Raw) Limited Reserve (Bronze)

Yellow Tea:
–Organic Origins, Yellow Tea Spring Buds (Bronze)

All of the recent winners will have the opportunity to showcase their winning teas at World Tea Conference + Expo 2020 in the “Winner’s Tasting Circle” (if they are exhibiting or attending the show) — with a chance to win a People’s Tea Choice Award. World Tea Conference + Expo takes place June 8 – 11, 2020, in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center. See http://worldteaexpo.com (#WTE20).

Wilbur Curtis, a leading manufacturer of tea brewers and accessories, was the official equipment supplier and brewing host for the 2019 GTC Spring Hot Loose-leaf Tea Competition. Cirqua was the official water sponsor.

For more information about the Global Tea Championship and to view past winners, visit http://www.teachampionship.com. To inquire about entering a competition, e-mail info@teachampionship.com.