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Gruppo Gimoka brings to Sigep its ever-wider offering for roasters and vending operators

The Group’s proposals in three distinct areas targeted to Café, Vending and OCS operators and any partner interested in developing Private Label projects. A growing range of products to support customers’ businesses, particularly in the private label area, with a strong focus on sustainability and new consumer trends

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RIMINI, Italy – A stand of more than 100 square metres, divided into three segments: Complementary Ho.Re.Ca products, Vending line and OCS proposals, Private Labels for all self-serve systems: the number of visitors to Sigep 2020 – which will take place at the Rimini Expo Centre from 18 to 22 January – demonstrates an ever-growing offer, confirming Gruppo Gimoka’s ability to support coffee distributor and roaster businesses and also its ranking as a leading business partner in the Private Label sector.

Even more value in the complementary café sectors for partners

Gruppo Gimoka extends its Ho.Re.Ca. offering with a range of complementary products to be showcased at Sigep 2020

Gruppo Gimoka extends its Ho.Re.Ca. offering with a range of complementary products to accompany its coffee range with the Univerciok and Pure Evasioni brands, thus providing a wide array of solutions for coffee roaster customers and allowing them to keep abreast of new consumer trends, by extending their assortment of drinks. Overall, the proposed ranges cover the customary needs of traditional complementary café establishments: from ginseng beverages with different sensory profiles to barley and cereal-based drinks, but also proposals that aim to satisfy new trends.

The above-mentioned brands can help private label customers take advantage of new market opportunities even more effectively, thanks to patented machine systems comprising GM1 and Brera Steam.

Univerciok, a well-known brand in the sector, offers a rich assortment of chocolates with over 30 different products, including organic versions, a wide range of flavoured instant coffees and drinks as well as a comprehensive variety of “cold” products, such as cold creams, chocolate creams, ice creams as well as yoghurts with many different flavours and toppings.

Pure Evasioni features a broad-based offer, designed especially for the professional segment and it is perfect for new drinking styles as it boasts an extensive range of drinks made using different brewing methods – hot drinks, infusions, teas, drip and American coffee – all featuring top-quality ingredients and focusing on a healthy lifestyle.

The Vending line and OCS proposals for Italy and foreign markets

At Sigep, Gruppo Gimoka proposes a comprehensive offer, comprising interesting solutions for operators of the Vending market – and the OCS segment, bearing the brand name Gran Caffè Garibaldi, which by vocation operates mainly in the Out-of-Home channel. Besides the blends developed for automatic vending machines (Dolce Aroma and Espresso Bar) brewed by three specially equipped vending machines, visitors will be able to learn about the new soluble beverage range developed specifically for the Vending market (classic chocolate, thick chocolate, smart ciock, ginseng, tea, flavoured milk and cappuccino, Irish cappuccino, ginger and lemon) plus a selection of sugar-free products (bitter tea and grain-based barley coffee).

Specifically developed for the OCS segment, exclusive and closed-system NOA will be presented, which operates with the proprietary, self-protected GM3 multi-beverage capsule that will soon available in the compostable version.

Another interesting novelty, which proves the Group’s innovation-minded approach to business, is the proposal that is compatible with the Nespresso® Professional system, announced at Host 2019 and which at Sigep is launched on the market with the Gimoka brand, but also as a Private Label solution.

At the Gimoka stand, you can taste 4 types of blends brewed by red capped (intenso blend), green capped (cremoso blend), black (Arabica blend) and blue (decaffeinato) capsules. There is also a preview of the mock-up of a machine, that can manage this type of capsule and provides a comprehensive, visually appealing service for the Group’s partners.

Gruppo Gimoka increasingly sets the standard for private brands thanks to innovations, patents and a vast assortment of blends

At Sigep, the Group showcases a wide range of capsules that are compatible with the most widely used single-serve systems in the world. In addition to Nespresso® machines, the proposal includes solutions that are compatible with Nescafé® Dolce Gusto®, Lavazza® A Modo Mio®, Caffitaly® and Delizio®.

With a catalogue comprising over 80 different blends and packaging solutions providing advantages in terms of operation, compact size and logistic costs, Gruppo Gimoka is now a primary reference point for those who want to develop Private Label projects.

The Group aims to capture the targets of consumers who are more concerned about sustainability and which can be an interesting range extension for customers that have their own brand.

With a new payoff created for the trade fair, Coffee instinct is going green, Gruppo Gimoka proposes itself as a major player that is able to offer in the single-serve segment a totally compostable solution (pod and pack) for the ESE and Senseo®(*) compatible systems. In addition to the filter paper, the flow pack is also OK Compost certified by TÜV Austria due to the special material made exclusively for Gimoka Group that is used.

A unique packaging for the features which are offered: in addition to creating an oxygen barrier, this preserves the aroma of coffee for a long time, it is not affected by the colour limitations of other fibres and it allows excellent creative wrapping to enhance the marketing potential of the single-serve products contained in the packs.

Ok Compost certified compostable, *100% organic based Lavazza A Modo Mio®* compatible capsules

Also present at the stand are the Ok Compost certified compostable, *100% organic based Lavazza A Modo Mio®* compatible capsules, whose brewing has been tested on machines of the system and which gave excellent quality in the cup, as well as the *compostable, *100% organic-based Nespresso®* compatible capsules. A common feature of the Group’s capsule solutions is the aroma-seal system, that is compostable capsules which also have an oxygen-barrier and can be disposed of in wet waste for industrial composting.

The bouquet of coffee aromas is thus preserved in an optimal manner for a long time thanks to an extended shelf-life (without requiring overwrappings), in compact packages that occupy less space on shelves and during transport.

A sustainable innovation in all the phases of the process for the Gimoka Group

Starting from the design that adopts a recycling approach – for example with the use of alu-free mono-materials (completely recyclable) – and also meaning weight reduction, up to the use in packs of compostable plant-based materials that do not compete with materials used for human consumption.
(*) The Brand does not belong to Gruppo Gimoka

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