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Gruppo Cimbali: the four brands of #TheNewEraofEspresso are on display at HostMIlano 2021

At the international trade fair for the Horeca sector, the company will illustrate its commitment to sustainability through a Manifesto, as well as all its innovations and new products. And to celebrate tradition, a charity auction for the 60th anniversary of the E61 and a new book by MUMAC, the Group’s Coffee Machine Museum.

gruppo cimbali
Enrico Bracesco at Host

MILAN – Innovation, sustainability and digitalization: these are the cornerstones of the development that Gruppo Cimbali, a world leader in the design and production
of professional espresso machines, will present at Host 2021, the international hospitality fair. Fully embracing the theme of this edition of the event, which signals the relaunch of the industry after the health emergency, Gruppo Cimbali returns to Host this year with all its 4 brands – LaCimbali, Faema, Slayer and Casadio – and various new products, services and sustainability initiatives.

In addition to innovation, Gruppo Cimbali also brings the tradition of a company with almost 110 years of history to Host

Making room for the celebration of the Faema E61’s 60th anniversary and the presentation of the new illustrated book on Mumac, the group’s Coffee Machine Museum.

“It is particularly exciting for us to attend Host today in its ‘phygital’ version, enabling us to meet customers and industry professionals both in person and virtually. We have long awaited this experience and hope that it will be the basis of a new start for the industry, of which we have already seen the first positive signs,” commented Enrico Bracesco, Managing Director of Gruppo Cimbali.

“Over the last year and a half, Gruppo Cimbali has continued to work with passion and determination, focusing on product and service innovation that offers professionals added value and, above all, is truly sustainable. This is the only way we can evolve and the only way forward for our company and the entire coffee chain. It therefore marks the start of a new era of espresso.”

The new era of espresso: sustainable innovation

#TheNewEraofEspresso is the concept that will guide visitors to discover projects, new products and services that Gruppo Cimbali is presenting at Host with an approach focused on transparency and responsibility to promote a culture of comprehensive sustainability. For several years, the company has decided to develop its sustainability policies, not limited to its own production processes, but with a broader vision of the entire sector, in order to communicate global sustainability issues through its products, which come into contact with millions of consumers around the world every day.

In line with the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, Gruppo Cimbali has therefore drawn up a
Sustainability Manifesto that highlights the 4 main focus areas (People, Product, Planet and Partnership) and outlines the main sustainability initiatives, covering workers’ health and safety, a commitment to reducing waste, use of recyclable materials, application of energy-saving technologies, production process efficiency, and constant collaboration with other organizations to achieve common goals.

Technology and digitalisation to support professionals

There is no evolution without careful technological research that permits a new usage method. This is why Gruppo Cimbali has also planned an Innovation Hub at Host, a space devoted to presenting several cutting-edge sustainable technologies that improve machine performance, while limiting their environmental impact and enhancing professionals’ skills. These include Naso Elettronico (electronic nose), winner of the Smau Innovation Award, a device that can identify blends using an artificial intelligence algorithm.

A touchless interaction with Cup4you – Evo, an application which, through its Wi-Fi connection, offers a new and unique interaction with Gruppo Cimbali’s fully automatic machines.

Art.IN.Cofee, a platform designed to process data in order to obtain advanced information on beverage consumption, monitoring of key machine operating parameters and information to optimise energy efficiency.

With regard to digitalisation and sustainability, Gruppo Cimbali has worked with IoT to create the Global Remote Service Program

In collaboration with TeamViewer, a connectivity software that enables remote interaction with machines to optimise the after-sales service and the customer experience. The company has also devised the Digital Twin project in collaboration with Altair, which combines physical and data twins to support the convergence of data and simulation in
order to optimise product performance and increase efficiency. Additionally, in collaboration with Khoena, the Smart Plug device was developed to reduce coffee machines’ energy consumption.

Finally, the instant thermal project, an instant heating system for water in the coffee circuit, combined with a low-volume service boiler that allows energy to be supplied only when needed, reducing waste and thereby promoting environmental sustainability.

In product terms, Gruppo Cimbali brings #TheNewEraofEspresso to Host 2021

A new era of espresso coffee machines that revolutionizes how the world’s most popular drink is prepared, naturally at the bar, but also in commercial settings in which coffee is not the core business and, finally, at home.

LaCimbali M200, the revolution at the bar


The new M200 is a top-of-the-range espresso machine, a product in which cutting-edge design, increasingly advanced technology and superior quality guarantee outstanding in-cup quality. Featuring a unique design by Valerio Cometti – V12 Design, the M200 is made with high-quality materials and innovative technologies – such as the BDS system and Turbomilk – in full compliance with Gruppo Cimbali’s commitment to sustainability.

Thanks to various ergonomic solutions – such as the adjustable drip tray, the slanted manual steam wands and the soft-touch materials – the M200 is a true extension of the barista’s skills, improving the customer relationship, which becomes increasingly direct.
This machine is digital and innovative thanks to the Touch interface and technologies, such as the Multiboiler and PGS system, designed to enhance and improve product performance and to simplify work for all professionals. The M200 is aimed at an Italian target, but its diverse menu featuring milk-based drinks and specialty coffee also makes it appealing to a broader international audience.

Faemina, the art of Faema espresso in the home


At Host 2021 Gruppo Cimbali is entering the Home segment with Faemina, the new espresso machine with an exclusive design previewed at the last Milan Design Week. The Group, with its Faema brand, is therefore offering a home bar solution with a product that is ideal not only for the home, but also for small businesses such as boutiques, concept stores and bistros.

Designed by ItalDesign – which has always been synonymous with Made in Italy – Faemina is a true design object with an elegant style and minimal, geometric form. Faemina is also renowned for its high performance and exceptional user friendliness thanks to the various ergonomic solutions specifically designed to make it easier to use, while guaranteeing high quality in the cup.

The machine comes with the new Faema Touch and Match home/prosumer grinder. The grinder features an easy-to-use touch display, manual grind adjustment and extremely quiet grinding. It can also be adjusted in line with the drinks offered by Faemina, so you can grind coffee for espresso and filter coffee.

Faemina will be available for sale both through the company’s distribution network and via the online shop at https://www.faema.com/it-it.

Slayer Espresso Single Group with Internal Reservoir Kit, the dream machine

gruppo cimbali
Slayer Espresso single group

Whether regarded as an essential everyday coffee machine or the crowning jewel of the kitchen, the Slayer Espresso Single Group boasts an unrivalled design and innovative technology. It features a distinctive aesthetic and patented needle-valve technology for maximum flow control, an independent infusion tank for flawless temperature stability, a single-group dispenser and an individual tank for unlimited steam capacity that allows for single or simultaneous steam shots without any pressure drop or temperature loss. The advanced technology also makes it possible to extract the best from every type of coffee.

It is a must-have for those who want to keep up with new coffee trends, a machine designed for baristas, which, thanks to the innovative Internal Reservoir Kit with an internal tank and removable drip tray, is also suitable for home use.

Casadio Undici Caps, professional simplicity
At Host 2021, Casadio is presenting a new look for the Casadio Undici Caps, an espresso
machine that can be used with capsules and pods (preferably compostable). Casadio Undici Caps is designed for all those activities in which coffee is not the central focus, but
for which a “quick and easy to use” professional service is required: small businesses, restaurants and offices.

The machine offers various filter holder solutions based on the customer’s needs; an adaptable and high-performance thermosiphon system with fixed nozzles that guarantees an excellent in-cup result. It features a new water tank that can be removed from the top, filter holders for customers’ preferred capsules and pods, and the option of adding an Easy Steam wand, which allows even the least experienced baristas to make an excellent cappuccino.

The new aesthetic range is designed for those who are increasingly seeking an ‘easy to use’ professional service, right down its simple installation, which does not necessarily require a water connection nor the experience of a top professional barista. The machine is also designed to provide customers with various customisation options thanks to the adhesive graphics that can be applied to the keyboard panel, as well as to the front and back of the machine.

“Tradition is successful innovation” (Oscar Wilde)

This is certainly true for the Italian espresso machine sector, which originated in Italy and now plays an important role in people’s everyday lives all over the world. Starting with the idea of an Italian who patented a technique for making instant coffee in the late 19th century, technological innovation led to the patenting of the espresso machine in 1901, while in 1912 Giuseppe Cimbali opened a workshop in Milan, which started its own production of espresso machines in the 1930s and has continued to do so ever since.

Thanks to innovation that has become tradition, today Gruppo Cimbali’s portfolio includes products that have shaped espresso history. These include the iconic Faema E61, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

The first 60 years of a revolutionary machine
Inspired by and named after the first ‘total’ solar eclipse in 1961, the E61 changed the history of coffee machines, contributing to the emergence of the modern coffee bar we know today. It was a product that managed to find its place in the collective identity of the 1960s, in an Italy which – during the post-war period – was proudly turning to face the world once again, rebuilding itself at a time of great enthusiasm, economic boom and revival. This renaissance was also symbolised by Faema’s collaboration with the cycling world, which resulted in a team that played a long-standing leading role in the history of the sport.

Un particolare nato dalla collaborazione dei due marchi italiani

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Faema has therefore partnered with Basso Bikes, which has created three limited edition bicycles for the brand, one of which is up for grabs in the online charity auction at this link https://www.charitystars.com/product/bicicletta-diamante-di-faema-it, which will run until 26 October and whose proceeds will go to the World Bicycle Relief organization, which, for years, has been helping rural communities around the world to access education, health care and employment through the donation of bicycles. The funds raised will support life-changing bicycle programmes.

Senso Espresso, the new Mumac book exploring the thousand facets of coffee

Senso Espresso

It is more than a book. It is a journey that involves all the senses, exploring the thousand facets of coffee, its history, and the entrepreneurial and cultural – entirely Made in Italy – vision in which functionality, taste and design have written extraordinary pages of Italian history in the 20th century and the new millennium. It is Senso Espresso – Coffee. Style. Emotions, the new book on Mumac – Espresso Coffee Machine Museum – presented at Host 2021.

Aroma, sound, sight, touch, flavour and sense are the chapters/stages in which this journey is divided, inviting readers to discover the entrepreneurial and cultural fabric of Italy with all its creativity and world-renowned style. The book traces the connections between the main actors in the professional coffee machine sector and its links with other made in Italy sectors, placing the district’s production in a more general context associated with the world of design, technology, innovation and Italian business culture; it thus becomes a collective work in which coffee machines are ambassadors of the “Italian Way of Life”, synonymous with a lifestyle where pleasure, beauty, creativity, ingenuity and relationships are the key values that revolve around a cup of coffee.

The book, a work of timeless ideas, values and creativity, is a must-have for coffee enthusiasts, lovers of art, style and design, and industry professionals.

Gruppo Cimbali
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Gruppo Cimbali

Gruppo Cimbali is one of the leading manufacturers of professional machines for making coffee and milk-based drinks, as well as coffee shop equipment. The Group, which includes the La Cimbali, Faema, Slayer and Casadio brands, operates through three production plants in Italy and one in the United States (in Seattle, where the machines are produced under the Slayer brand), employing a total of around 700 employees. The Group’s commitment to spreading espresso coffee culture and promoting the local area led to the foundation of the Mumac Coffee Machine Museum in 2012, the first and largest permanent exhibition dedicated to the history, world and culture of espresso machines, located within the Gruppo Cimbali headquarters in Binasco. Mumac is home to Mumac Academy, Gruppo Cimbali’s coffee machine academy, a training, promotion and research centre.