Gruppo Cimbali announces global launch of Faema E71E at WoC Amsterdam

Italian design and technology, great simplicity of use and several customization possibilities: the new FAEMA E71E is a machine for coffee specialists appreciated by every barista


BINASCO, Milan, Italy — Optimal management of the entire extraction process, from the extraction temperature to the infusion time, and enhancement of the sensory profile of every blend or single-origin coffee.

Intuitive and ergonomic interaction with the machine that simplifies the barista’s work. Maximum customization, both in terms of settings, enabling perfect extraction, and of accessories.

These are the main advantages for coffee specialists offered by Faema E71E, the new machine presented in preview at HOST 2017, which is to be launched worldwide during this year’s World of Coffee at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre from 21st to 23rd June 2018.

Designed by Giugiaro Design, the new machine expands the E71 range and is designed and built to enhance the barista’s ability as well as experience in making espresso and milk-based beverages.

New independent groups and the GTi system

The newly-designed independent groups are the heart of the E71: the point at which the barista’s creativity meets the mechanics of Faema’s new model.

Thanks to its groups, the machine can manage different coffee varieties while respecting the specific temperatures that they each of them requires.

Additionally, the hydraulic circuit with a patented GTi control system guarantees perfect management of coffee infusion times: an ideal combination for simultaneously ensuring high thermal stability, and enhancement of each coffee’s sensory profile.

New electromechanical control panel

You can easily and quickly interact with the machine thanks to the new electromechanical control panel with 3 or 5 backlit buttons positioned on an ergonomic inclined plane while the OLED display above each group shows the temperature as well as the infusion and extraction time.

New handles and new filter holders

The new, redesigned handles in the optional wooden version are designed to offer maximum ergonomics and comfort.

Additionally, the filter holders in the naked and double shot versions offer the ability to use larger filters for double espressos extracted with 18/20 g of coffee and make coffee extraction even more engaging for coffee specialists.

New steam wands

New longer, more articulated steam wands to allow baristas to also work with large milk jugs and in the position that they prefer with maximum visibility. They are also equipped with cold touch technology to make the grip even more secure and to facilitate cleaning after use.

Adjustable pressure setting

One of Faema E71E’s distinctive characteristics is its externally adjustable pump pressure, which enables quick and independent manual calibration by the barista. It can be customized according to the type of coffee used.

Faema’s new traditional model is also fitted with new Faema Competition spray heads, which can be easily removed to facilitate daily cleaning operations.

Maximum customization

Finally, Faema’s new model offers numerous customization possibilities thanks to its wide range of accessories (rear panel, new group heads, steam tap covers and filter knobs) that will make the new E71E unique.

Watch the machine in action

Activities at the Faema stand at the World of Coffee in Amsterdam

The new machine will be the star of numerous activities dedicated to the promotion of coffee culture that will be held at the Faema stand (Hall 8 – stand C14-C16) during the World of Coffee in Amsterdam.

Every day, trainers from Gruppo Cimbali’s MUMAC Academy will offer dedicated training sessions: espresso coffee, sensory analysis, latte art and alternative extractions.
During the three days of exhibition, the Faema stand will host various international micro roasters who will test out the E71E, presenting their outstanding coffees.

The team will include Rossella Musarra, the 2017 Italian Aeropress Champion, Jerard Meylaers, Belgian Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, and Davide Roveto, a coffee expert and SCA trainer who will concentrate on extraction methods, discussing “Espresso and beyond” (chemex, V16, coldbrew).

The “Faema E71E Launch Party” will be held on Friday 22nd (from 16.00 to 20.00) a special occasion at which you can even sample nitro coffee!

All the information about these days is available on and faema_official (IG, FB and TW).

About Faema

FAEMA boasts a great tradition and long history over the course of which it has often led the way in the design, production and distribution of professional espresso machines. The brand is the best interpreter of designer coffee, enhancing the barista’s skill and passion and enabling perfect extractions of the best coffee.

The brand is part of Gruppo Cimbali, the world leader in the design and production of professional machines for making coffee and fresh milk-based drinks and of coffee bar equipment.

La Cimbali, Faema and Slayer are the main brands of the Group, which operates 3 production facilities in Italy and 1 in the United States (in Seattle, where the Slayer brand’s machines are produced) and 9 branches, 7 of which are located overseas, employing a total of over 700 employees.

Gruppo Cimbali’s commitment to promoting espresso culture and the local area was embodied in 2012 by the foundation of MUMAC (Coffee Machine Museum), the first and largest permanent exhibition dedicated to the history and culture of espresso machines, featuring over 100 exhibited machines, a specialized library dedicated to coffee and abundant audio-visual material organized in a multimedia and multisensory exhibition.