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Gruppo Cimbali among the companies admitted to Sodalitas Call for Future

With its project “The Cimbali Group’s cultural hub - Mumac museum, Mumac Academy, Mumac Library and Hangar 100”, Gruppo Cimbali was included in the Sodalitas Call for Future project and selected by Fondazione Sodalitas for its commitment to achieving a sustainable future in accordance with the UN Agenda 2030

Gruppo Cimbali

BINASCO, Milan, Italy – There is also Gruppo Cimbali among the companies admitted to Sodalitas Call for Future, a Fondazione Sodalitas initiative in collaboration with Fondazione Italiana Accenture for corporate projects committed to achieving a sustainable future in accordance with the UN Agenda 2030, alongside young people, the world’s citizens of tomorrow.

Sodalitas Call for Future brings together 150 concrete corporate projects that respond to four big challenges: Call for Planet, Call for People, Call for Work and Call for Better.

The Cimbali Group was selected in the “Call for Better” category

This category is devoted to “Business and culture for a sustainable future,” with its “The Cimbali Group’s cultural hub – Mumac Museum, Mumac Library, Mumac Academy and Hangar 100” project, a positive example of how Cultural Corporate Responsibility can drive positive change and inspire a future in line with the UN Agenda 2030. The coffee machine museum, library and archive, along with the training academy for professionals and enthusiasts and experiential exhibition space are all intrinsic parts of the cultural hub concept to create a place where the company’s corporate culture, heritage and vision for the future can be shared.

Sodalitas Call for Future promotes dialogue between businesses and young people based on the common language of sustainability

As part of the project, the Together for Future contest has engaged two million students from 7,500 Italian high schools, to show them the 150 corporate projects and have them express their expectations and ideas for a better future.

All the projects approved by Sodalitas, including the Cimbali Group’s, can be viewed at sodalitascallforfuture.it, the digital platform showcasing the projects of participating companies, so they can set an example and inspire countless other businesses.

Gruppo Cimbali

Gruppo Cimbali is a world leader in the design and production of professional machines for coffee and milk-based beverages and equipment dedicated to the cafeteria.

The Group, which includes the La Cimbali, Faema and Slayer brands, operates through three production plants in Italy and one in the United States (in Seattle, where the Slayer brand machines are produced), employing a total of about 800 employees.

The Group’s commitment to spread the culture of espresso coffee and to enhance the territory was realized in 2012 with the foundation of Mumac – Museum of the Coffee Machine, the first and largest permanent exhibition dedicated to history, to the world and to the culture of espresso coffee machines, located inside the company headquarters in Binasco. Mumac hosts Mumac Academy, the Cimbali coffee machine academy, a training, dissemination and research center.