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Grinders and auto-tampers: Here is how Slingshot made the revolution in the coffee world

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CHIGNOLO D’ISOLA, Italy – Slingshot is an Australian brand recently born from a simple but revolutionary idea: developing efficient and fast products, easy to use from the expert barista to the novice. Carimali is the exclusive distributor in Europe for Slingshot. Still, the young company can boast headquarters in Perth, Australia, and worldwide competencies with offices in Hong Kong and New York.

Slingshot: an innovative volumetric coffee grinder

Slingshot’s rise to fame was an innovative volumetric coffee grinder that reinvented the category, combining the benefits of an on-demand one without compromising on speed. Slingshot is the 2 in 1 grinder, defined by a dual-mode: automatic and semiautomatic.

The grinder automatically fills up the volumetric self-dosing chamber and keeps the freshly ground coffee ready for your next espresso shot when the first one is selected. When the semiautomatic mode is selected, it grinds only when you press the button on top of the doser, without filling up the dosing chamber automatically.

Both functions are helpful for the management of high-peak as well as slow coffee services

Always ensuring suitable extraction and preserving coffee quality in the mixing chamber. Two versions are available: S75 with 75 mm flat burrs, ideal for more pronounced flavours and longer shots, and C68 with 68 mm conical burrs, for a rounder taste and slightly shorter shots.

Slingshot Carimali
The Slingshot coffee grinder

Burrs are fitted on cylindrical support that always guarantees the proper positioning assuring the burrs alignment with a memory of setting. Thanks to this technology, service time and maintenance are considerably reduced.

All the grinders are equipped with a display thanks to whom coffee quality is easily monitored

It always shows the grinding time, burrs life, and a freshness meter highlighting the time lapse since the last grind. Another innovative product makes the range: Kilo’, the fastest automatic tamper in the market.


Kilo’ was born to satisfy all those busy coffee shops that need speed, efficiency and, consistency. Its main goal is consistently to deliver a constant and perfect level tamp, regardless of the barista.

In addition, the unit is fully automatic and hands-free, saving the barista from injuries caused by repetitive stress.

Three different profiles are programmable: for each one, the user can easily set pressure (from 3 to 30 kg) and the number of tamping. Kilo’ is superfast; it takes only 0,8 sec for a single tamp and 1,4 sec for 3 tamps.

Pressure is adjustable on the fly, thanks to a conveniently top located touchpad by which cleaning operations are programmable.

Both the products are available in white and black colour; the modern design blends well with most of the trendy semi-automatic coffee machines. The original square-shaped sides allow easy customisation depending on the requirement.

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