Saturday 02 July 2022

Greenesso launches cutting-edge device with refillable coffee capsules

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LEOBEN, Austria – Austria-based visionary brand, Greenesso, has recently launched an innovative handy device on Kickstarter that comes with highly advanced stainless steel refillable coffee capsules to ensure a premium Nespresso coffee experience every time. The device is compatible with all Nespresso machines and works for all kinds of coffee.

The Greenesso refillable coffee capsules assure adjustable filling quantity and precise pressing depth to ensure consistent quality of coffee with every cuppa.

“At Greenesso, we are aimed to make the coffee experience effortless and blissful with our cutting-edge, user-friendly capsule refill system. Reusable coffee capsules are nothing new, but most of them can’t assure effective refilling until now. Greenesso is intelligently designed to resolve the problems faced by regular reusable coffee capsules – our advanced refillable coffee capsules are designed to offer adjustable filling quantity and exact pressing depth to guarantee the most consistent coffee quality every single time,” says the company.

Greenesso will allow users to create their own desired unique coffee combinations in just minutes.

“With Greenesso, you are guaranteed to have the ‘exact’ amount of coffee grounds for your every cup. And that will go a long way in saving your money in the long run.”

The system works in 5 easy steps:

  • Fill the coffee dispenser with preferred ground coffee for up to 5 capsules
  • Compress and seal the capsule
  • Press the head of locking unit firmly
  • Swing out the finished capsule
  • The coffee will be ready in just 10 seconds

Greenesso has taken a thoroughly eco-friendly approach with its innovative product. The capsules are made of stainless steel, making them highly durable and eco-friendly. Also, the used coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer for plants. The entire device is made of eco-friendly bio-plastic, and all metal parts are crafted from stainless steel.

“Greenesso is just ‘the’ thing that every coffee lover has been waiting for all these years. It’s an innovative device for coffee lovers and coffee lovers. At Greenesso, we have worked tirelessly to bring to you that ‘perfect’ capsule refilling device that can assure you the optimum quality coffee experience and that too consistently with every cup. Not just that, our Greenesso also assures a convenient no-mess experience, conscientious eco-friendly design, as well as money-saving capabilities. As of now, we are looking forward to start mass production, and hence this Kickstarter campaign; your generous support will enable us to bring Greenesso to life and make your coffee time richer and more memorable than ever,” the company also stated.

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on Greenesso units.


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