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Green coffee stocks in major European ports up 2.3 in August, says Ecf

MILANO – Green coffee stocks held in the main port warehouses of the European Union rose for the sixth straight month to 705,483 tonnes, or 11,758,050 at the end of August 2018, up 2.3% from the revised figure of 689,372 tonnes, or 11,489,533 bags at the end of July, European Coffee Federation (ECF) data show.

Stocks rose in almost all ports with the exception of Barcelona, where volumes were down by 2,826 tonnes to 56,887.

Inventories were up in Antwerp (3346,648 tonnes, up 10,138 tonnes), Hamburg (122,343 tonnes, up 598 tonnes), Genoa (99,178 tonnes, up 4,875 tonnes), Le Havre (32,584 tonnes, up 1,353 tonnes), and Trieste (47,843 tonnes, up 1,972 tonnes).

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