Wednesday 17 August 2022

Gravimetric Tour, between USA and Europe

Three new stages are scheduled for this June, the first in Europe and the other two in America

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The world tour that Victoria Arduino has begun after the official launch of the VA388 Black Eagle with gravitech, continues to raise awareness of the great potential of this innovative extraction system, applied for the first time in a modern coffee machine which is now the ‘top’ the range.

After the recent meeting in Paris, three new stages are scheduled for this June, the first in Europe and the other two in America.

Thursday, 11th June (from 10:00 to 18:00) Victoria Arduino is in Warsaw (Poland) at KOFI BRAND (Warszawa ul. Mińska 25 – SOHO FACTORY). Guest of honor will be the 2009 world champion barista, Gwilym Davies. For information contact Aleksander Masny 508369397 –

The following week two meetings are scheduled in the north east of the US on Tuesday, June 16th(15:00 to 19:00) in Eliot, in the State of Maine, just 45 minutes north of Boston. The restaurant is Bev Tech (56 Julie Lane, Eliot). For information contact 201-741-2098 or

Thursday, June 18th the ‘Gravimetric Tour’ arrives in New York City. The event takes place from 16:00 to 20:00 at The Loft at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters (151 West 19th St., New York City). For information call 201-741-2098

These meetings, organised by Victoria Arduino in various parts of the world, can be seized to get to know gravitech. It represents a major change that can positively affect every coffee shop.

Gravitech allows real coffee recipes. Also it allows the barista to work more calmly with control over the amount of liquid in the cup and with less waste.

Even the customer appreciates gravimetric technology, because they do not have to wait several minutes for an espresso and – what matters most – will always have a good quality coffee that releases all its aromas.

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