Monday 04 December 2023

Grand Havana launches new online store offer its products nationwide

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MIAMI, U.S. – Grand Havana, Inc. announces the launch of its online store in line with the company’s goal to deliver brand awareness. The store is designed to increase customer satisfaction and offer the company’s products nationwide.

The 2018 product line includes their new “Desigño Line of Coffee & Tea makers. The launch of Grand Havana’s Pink Beauty, a collaboration with EBeauty and the utilization of Grand Havana Cold Brew Coffee blend in Miami Club Cuban Coffee Rum Liqueur.

Grand Havana has teamed up with The Miami Distilling Company where Grand Havana Cuban Style Coffee is utilized in the manufacturing of their hit new product Miami Club Cuban Coffee Rum Liqueur™.

Miami Club Cuban Coffee Rum Liqueur is the quintessential blend of award winning Miami Club Rum, organic sugar and an cold brew blend of Grand Havana Coffee. Visit and for details.

About Grand Havana Coffee Company

Grand HAVANA Coffee is a Miami-based specialty coffee retailer and wholesaler.  GH specializes in the small-batch roasting of Cuban style espresso coffee beans, masterfully blended by legendary roaster, Luis Bustelo, the original master blender of the Cuban espresso. The company focuses on taking the product mainstream following the massive popular demand for our specialized roasting blend, with over 3.5 million cups of espresso served.

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