Monday 04 December 2023

Grand Havana and Miami Club Rum launch coffee infused rum liquor

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MIAMI — Grand Havana (“GH”) and Miami Club Rum officially announce a three-year collaboration to launch “Cuban Coffee Infused Rum,” a collective, creative partnership – the group’s first-ever brand partnership of its kind – that’s more than traditional branding.

Elements will include events and experiences, unique offerings and the development of a batch of limited edition Miami Club Rum and Grand Havana infused coffee cocktail.

As part of the brand’s strategy, Miami Club Rum worked with Grand Havana to ignite “Cuban Coffee Infused Rum,” a concept with a conversational movement of taste between rum and Cuban coffee, a supreme blend by Luis Bustelo to bring fans of different genres together.

With its roots delving in Cuba, Grand Havana is championing this global homage to a distinct island vibe with a modern kick – perfectly in line with the spirit and Caribbean origins of Grand Havana, Inc.

“We are proud of our final product; the blending process and working with Matt Malone was one of the highlights of my long coffee career,” said Luis Bustelo, Master Blender and COO. “This is a true testament of two great brands coming together to do something magnificent.”

“I’ve been in the restaurant business for a very long time and headed taste testings all over the country,” said Steven Haas, Vice-President. “I can tell you this is delicious. Bustelo and Malone blended the perfect cocktail for any event.”

About Grand Havana Coffee Company

Grand Havana Coffee is a Miami-based specialty coffee retailer and wholesaler. GH specializes in the small-batch roasting of Cuban style espresso coffee beans, masterfully blended by legendary roaster, Luis Bustelo, the original master blender of the Cuban espresso.

The company focuses on taking the product mainstream following the massive popular demand for our specialized roasting blend, with over 3.5 million cups of espresso served.

Grand Havana Coffee is the consumer’s brand of choice for delving into the essence, allure and nostalgia of old Havana, with all its coffee products roasted and packaged in Miami, Florida USA.

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