Grand Havana launches national advertising campaign “It’s So Miami”

Grand Havana
Grand Havana logo

MIAMI, U.S. — Grand Havana, Inc. has launched a new national advertising campaign titled Grand Havana Coffee, “IT’S SO MIAMI.” Through a strategic partnership with The Movie Studio, Inc. (OTC:MVES), The Company has just completed a fifteen (15) second social media commercial for association with the Movie Studio.

The initial campaign is a comedic movie set where movie star Excelina enjoys her cup of Grand Havana coffee and features Debra Cohen from the movie and Muhammad Ali Jr. using the tag line that made his father one of the greatest athletes of this century.

I’m The Greatest, It’s the Greatest

“I’m The Greatest” and calling Grand Havana coffee “It’s the Greatest.” Mr. Bustelo representing Grand Havana featuring our new national slogan “IT’S SO MIAMI”.

In addition, The Movie Studio completed an additional commercial spot for Grand Havana starring EXCELINA for mainstream brand association of Grand Havana Coffee.

The new TV ads can be found at Havana “IT’S SO MIAMI.” All of the print and TV ads can be found in the advertising section of