Saturday 28 May 2022

GLOBAL – World’s first “No Sugar Added” Lifestyle Coffee Chain ‘ICONS Coffee Couture’ opens in Dubai

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Stevia is a word both for a South American honey plant and the sweetener extracted from the leaves of that plant which is much sweeter than other sugars (up to 300 times), meaning that only a small amount needs to be used.

With zero calories and no sugar added you can enjoy your life with no regrets!During Elena’s Argentina trip, she came across the all-natural sweetener Stevia with zero calories and thought of using this super ingredient for all sweets and coffee drinks.

About Icons Coffee Couture

Icons is a luxury fashion and lifestyle Coffee Shop concept created by a team of fashion lovers, models and professionals.

Offering dedicated Stevia only menu, Icons aims to create a culture of wellness by providing healthier alternative to consumers for their favorite coffee and sugar cravings.

Icons is positioned as the place to be, and the design team has created a brand with a stark monochromatic theme accented by splashes of turquoise for a high fashion feel.

This upscale theme is continued in the beverage menu, with the team sourcing organic and ethically produced coffee beans from the finest global estates to deliver a unique beverage selection, which includes the ICONS

Get Empowered organic house blend and ICONS Kopi Luwak, the world’s most expensive coffee. Icons coffee is German Bio Seal certified, which is a huge step in terms of international credibility.

Their house coffee is a blend from the organic farms in India and Mexico, and is roasted in Germany, while the teas are from the organic farms in China.

As a model on the catwalk frontline of an industry where appearance is everything, Ms Weber decided to explore the often-problematic relationship between the fashion world and diet, and was inspired to create something that celebrated both aspects in a wholly positive way.

An internship opportunity in UAE during Elena Weber’s ( Founder and CEO of Icons ), university studies was the catalyst for investment into her idea, with the UAE-headquartered Oryx Holdings coming on board to bring the concept of a health-focused coffee shop chain to the UAE.

For more information, log onto Website:, Facebook:, Twitter: IconsCoffeeCout

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