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Global Tea Championship at Bunn names the Best Commercial Iced Teas of 2019

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill., U.S. – The Global Tea Championship (GTC) presented 28 medals during a recent evaluation of premium iced teas across various categories. GTC is an independent competition that evaluates and distinguishes the highest quality and top tasting specialty teas.

The competition took place for the first time at the BUNN headquarters in Springfield, Ill., Oct. 31 – Nov. 1. A total of 10 Silver and 18 Bronze medals were presented to best-in-class iced teas — all of which are commercially sold around the world (no Gold medals were awarded during this evaluation).

Bunn, the 2019 GTC iced tea evaluation host, is a global leader in beverage equipment. The company has a portfolio that features a home brewer collection and a full line of dispensed beverage commercial solutions, including coffee and iced tea brewers.

Judges who tasted and evaluated the iced teas included Mim Enck, owner of East Indies Coffee and Tea Company in Harrisburg, Pa.; Anthony Capobianco, a tea consultant with Zen Tea Traders in Los Angeles, Calif.; and Kris Houser, vice president of marketing communications at Bunn-O-Matic Corporation in Springfield, Ill.

The 2019 Global Tea Championship iced tea winners are:

Ready To Drink (RTD):

  • Straight Black:
    Crystal Geyser Water Co., Tejava Unsweetened Black, USA – Silver
    Teakina LLC., Teakina Traditional Black, USA – Bronze
  • Flavored Black:
    Crystal Geyser Water Company, Tejava Unsweetened Black Peach Flavored – Silver
    Anverally and Sons (Pvt.) Ltd., Tea 4U Ceylon with Peach Flavor, Sri Lanka – Bronze
  • Flavored Carbonated:
    Tea North, Berry Bliss Herbal Iced Tea, Canada – Bronze
  • Flavored Oolong:
    Templar Food Products, Russian Oolong Tumeric Tea, USA – Silver
  • Pu-Erh / Dark:
    Templar Food Products, Ginger Gold Pu-erh Tea, USA – Bronze
  • Flavored White:
    Tea North, Madagascar Coconut, Canada – Silver
  • Straight Green:
    ITO EN (North America) INC., Oi Ocha Unsweetened Green, USA – Silver
    Crystal Geyser Water Company, Tejava Origins, Hojicha Green Tea, USA – Bronze
  • Herbal Straight / Tisane:
    Templar Food Products, Emerald Adoptogen Natural Infusion, USA – Bronze
  • Straight Oolong:
    Crystal Geyser Water Company, Tejava Origins, Fujian Oolong Tea, USA – Silver
  • Sweetened Black:
    Templar Food Products, YingYang Black Tea, USA – Bronze
  • Sweetened Herbal / Tisane:
    TippyTea Cia. Ltda., Jamaica & Berries, Ecuador – Bronze

Commercial Fresh Brew:

  • Black (Single Origin):
    Farmer Brothers, Farmer Brothers Classic Black Tea, USA – Silver
    Shangri La Co. Inc., Natural, USA – Bronze
  • Flavored Black:
    Teatulia Organic Teas, Passion Fruit Black, USA – Bronze
  • Flavored Herbal Tisane:
    Shangri La Co. Inc., Raspberry Cooler, USA – Silver
    Harris Tea Co., Newman’s Own Organic Raspberry Herbal Iced, USA – Bronze
  • Flavored Oolong:
    Florapharm Tea USA LP, Cream Caramel, USA – Silver
  • Green (Single Origin):
    Farmer Brothers, Farmer Brothers Select Green Iced Tea, USA – Bronze
  • Flavored Green:
    Farmer Brothers, Farmer Brothers Mandarin Orange Green Iced Tea, USA – Silver
    Florapharm Tea USA LP, Organic Lychee Rose, USA – Bronze
  • Blended Herbal:
    Florapharm Tea USA LP, Organic Mint Turmeric, USA – Bronze
  • Flavored Rooibos:
    Florapharm Tea USA LP, Apricot Goji Berry, USA – Bronze
  • Flavored White:
    Florapharm Tea USA LP, Strawberry Orange, USA – Bronze

Bag In Box (BIB):

  • Black Straight:
    Farmer Brothers, Farmer Brothers Black Iced Tea, USA – Silver
  • Sweetened Black:
    Farmer Brothers, Farmer Brothers Sweet Black Iced Tea, USA – Bronze

For more information about the Global Tea Championship and to view past winners, visit http://www.teachampionship.com. To inquire about entering a competition, e-mail info@teachampionship.com.