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GLOBAL NEWS – Coca-Cola relaunching its Georgia brand in China

Coca-Cola is reintroducing its ready-to-drink coffee brand Georgia in selected local markets in China, the Hangzhou’s Daily Business reports.
Georgia brand is now sold in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Anhui. Both in 268-mililiter plastic bottles and 180-milimeter cans, the newspaper says.
The prices are set at 5 yuan (US$0.82) per bottle, and 4 yuan (US$0.65) per can at supermarkets and corner shops, and 6 yuan (US$0.98) per bottle at convenience stores, according to the same source.
The Georgia brand, established in 1975, has a presence in the Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong markets and is one of the 17 brands under Coca-Cola that generates annual sales of over US$1 billion.
In 2005, Coca-Cola launched a ready-to-drink coffee line in China through a partnership with Nestle. The joint-venture scrapped the product line in 2006 however, with Nestle taking back its Nescafe brand.