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GLOBAL – illycaffè joins World Coffee Reseach

COLLEGE STATION, TX, US – World Coffee Research is proud to announce that Illycafe has become one of our newest members on 23 June 2013 at a signing in Nice, France and are joining a growing list of coffee industry leaders to support research and development that will increase supplies of quality coffee, benefitting producers and consumers.

Illycafe Coffee sources high quality Arabica bean coffees from all over the world and uniquely roasts them on a daily basis in their stores.

Furio Suggi Liverani Corporate Director R&D illycaffè & President of Trieste Coffee Clustersai said, “Illycaffe a company leader in innovation in world coffee has always leveraged on research as an essential base for his innovation.

Becoming partner of WCR both in sustaining financially and with contribution in kind we strongly state that we believe in this cooperative research project and in its unique singularity, seeing most of the world research players focused together on the same goal: securing high quality Arabica coffee.”

Dr. Timothy Schilling, WCR’s Executive Director, said, “illy is a European coffee giant that commands enormous respect. Their membership lends credibility and confidence in WCR for other European and Global companies to follow their lead.  illy is synonymous with Global Coffee Quality.  That is their foundation and history.  Everybody in the industry knows it.”

“illy really did ‘write the book’ on coffee quality.  I personally have a copy signed by Ernesto Illy.  As a scientist and coffee quality aficionado, the book opened my eyes, like it did others, on coffee quality. 

This family-owned company did ground-breaking coffee quality research long before most people knew what coffee quality was.  As such, their interest and company-DNA in coffee research is a great value to WCR,” he said.

“Because of their long standing position and work in coffee research, illy is coming to the WCR platform with not just needed monetary support for coffee research, but with technologies and science that they have developed.  Several new varieties in our Multi-location Variety Test will be from ILLY, for example,” added Schilling.