Wednesday 07 December 2022

GLOBAL – Following US Costco success, Lee’s Sandwiches Iced Coffee now available in Taiwan

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SAN JOSE, Calif., US – Lee’s Sandwiches, known for their Asian-Fusion Banh-Mi Sandwiches announced that their famous Lee’s Coffee is now available at Costco in Taiwan. Due to Lee’s Coffee’s success and popularity at Costcos in the United States, Costco Taiwan has introduced Lee’s Coffee at all of Costco Taiwan’s ten locations.

Lee’s Coffee is produced in the Lee’s California Coffee House, where they roast a special blend of coffee beans, slow-drip the freshly ground coffee, and blend in select, quality ingredients. It is the choice of many coffee lovers for its rich flavors and creamy texture. It is strong, yet sweet.

The 16oz frozen bottled concentrate of Lee’s Coffee can make about three servings of Vietnamese iced coffee drinks and can also be used to make a variety of cold and hot drinks including lattes and mochas. It is a “Barista in a Bottle.”

Currently, the coffee is also being sold at Costcos in California and Seattle. “We are happy to provide Lee’s Coffee for our Taiwanese customers to now enjoy at their homes,” said Chieu Le, CEO of Lee’s Sandwiches, “This marks the first time the coffee will be available in Taiwan. With our coffee concentrate, our customers can be their own barista and make many different coffee beverages.”

Lee’s Sandwiches began in San Jose in 1983 serving their fresh “banh-mi” sandwiches.  The banh-mi sandwich is a Vietnamese dish that evolved by combining the French baguette with Vietnamese vegetables and meats.

In addition to its gourmet deli, Lee’s Sandwiches also specializes in fresh-baked baguettes, baked every 30 minutes, as well as croissants and an assortment of pastries, made daily. They also offer smoothies and juices freshly made from a variety of exotic fruits such as papaya, lychee and durian.

Since its first store, Lee’s has since grown to over 50 stores in California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Oklahoma becoming the world’s largest “banh-mi” chain.

Lee’s Coffee will be available at any of Costco’s ten locations in Taiwan. For more information, please visit and

Source: Lee’s Coffee

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