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Giovanni Pina, Caffè Milani to deliver authentic Italian pastries and coffee to Hong Kong market

Giovanni Pina Caffè Milani

HONG KONG – The century-old Italian bakery brand Giovanni Pina has expanded the business outside its border, and the world’s first branch settled in Hong Kong. Caffè Milani, one of the most famous coffee brands in Italy that arrived at Hong Kong at a similar time, has joined forces with Giovanni Pina to deliver authentic Italian coffee and pastries to Hong Kong market, creating an Italian sensation in the city to welcome New Year together with those who are affected in the city due to the epidemic.

Italian Master Chef, Giovanni Pina, is in town to lead the team

Giovanni Pina, a master bakery brand from Italy, takes everyone on a journey into the world of delightful and sweet pastries. It was founded a century ago in the heart of Trescore Balneario (Bergamo), Italy, and is a bakery brand that has been in existence for three generations. The third generation of Giovanni Pina, bearing the same name as the brand, is a master of the Italian baking industry. As the third generation, Giovanni Pina has been specializing in baking for 40 years. With his family roots and natural talents, Giovanni Pina won the International Pastry Gold Medal and the honorary title of “Master of Desserts” in 1994, being the youngest one to have this achievement. In 2009, he was selected as one of the 100 best dessert masters in the world, an honor that only 6 people in Italy have received so far. Giovanni Pina arrived in Hong Kong and is in charge of the Hong Kong operation of this century old brand to ensure an authentic taste of Italian pastries is served to every Hong Kong diner.

Yeast and Flour Magic of Giovanni Pina

Italian bakery is famous throughout the world for its careful attention in choosing authentic and natural Italian ingredients. Giovanni Pina uses yeast of equal historical value as its brand for baking, and has been used for more than a century, the original Italian natural yeast. The yeast is cultivated and fermented to a right proportion without adding any chemical additive and artificial preservatives. The lactobacillus that co-existed with natural yeast is not only good for digestion but also helps to absorb nutrients, allowing everyone to enjoy delicious pastries without the need to worry about its negative effects on health.

There are five main types of original Italian flours, with different levels of softness, flexibility, elasticity and smoothness. For over a century, Giovanni Pina has been pursuing excellence and has formulated more than ten exclusive flour recipes to produce amazing tastes, allowing everyone to taste delightful and unique Italian baking flavors of Giovanni Pina pastries.

Unique baking technique generating rich aroma

Giovanni Pina ‘s pastries adopts the Italian golden ratio among flour, custard filling, cream, wine and sugar, and its biggest feature is that the pastries are accompanied by more rich wine during the cake making process. Giovanni Pina’s cakes are evenly distributed with each ingredient, a full range of flavors fully penetrating all layers.

Because of the delicately distributed flavors, every bite of Giovanni Pina’s cakes is deliciously soft and layered, with a traditional Italian flavor. Cakes made by Giovanni Pina has a higher density than common sponge cakes on the market, and the wine flavor is evenly trapped, creating a soft, smooth, and charming sensation.

K11 Musea – Some Highlights

Located on the second floor of K11 Musea, with a dazzling giant crystal ball as a backdrop, diners can enjoy a meal in Giovanni Pina’s al fresco café. At the same time, diners can appreciate the best modern architectural art while enjoying the sweet art of pastries, what an enviable experience.

A special VIP room with handmade Italian 18K gold chandeliers worth more than $200,000, where diners have the luxury to enjoy the topmost Italian desserts in Hong Kong in a castle-like space.

Caffè Milani has introduced the latest model of Wega coffee machine, My Concept, to bring Hong Kong the authentic taste of Italian coffee. WEGA is the representative brand of traditional Italian coffee machines. It is often selected as the designated machine in world-class coffee competitions and offers a wide range of brew holes that can capture the essence of espresso. Combined with the carefully blended coffee beans, this coffee machine brings the taste of coffee to perfection. The Wega My Concept coffee machine is one of the most prestigious Italian coffee machines in town.

Italian classic brand Caffè Milani coffee shop arrives in Hong Kong

Delicious Italian desserts with a cup of pure and strong Italian espresso is a perfect match. Founded in 1937, Caffè Milani is a coffee brand that is focused on coffee blending. It has gained a high reputation over the years and is used by prestigious cafes and hotels throughout Milan and Italy.

The Milanese love coffee and also pay great attention to the taste of the coffee. Caffè Milani, which was born more than 80 years ago, is no exception. It is dedicated to traditional coffee blending techniques and is meticulous in its selection of coffee beans, insisting that a good cup of coffee is inseparable from high-quality coffee beans. Caffè Milani collects coffee beans from all over the world, including Africa and South America. After being introduced to Italy, coffee beans are mastered by Italian professionals who have inherited the coffee blending tradition for more than half a century. The most classic coffee is made from 56 kinds of coffee beans, with a rich and aromatic flavor that is unforgettable.