Thursday 30 November 2023

Gimoka makes another big investment with a Neuhaus Neotec roaster

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In the last few years, the Italian coffee manufacturer has evolved from a smaller family business to one of the top leading Italian roasting companies.

Gruppo Gimoka now purchased another roaster from Neuhaus Neotec for the necessary expansion of the roasting capacities. Mr Ivan Padelli – President and shareholder of Gruppo Gimoka – has recently announced that a second RFB 400 will be installed at the factory in Andalo Valtellino in Northern Italy.

Since 2014, the first RFB 400 roaster of Neuhaus Neotec has been running in three-shift operation (24/7), with a roasting capacity of 5000 kg/h.

Due to the excellent growth and the rapid development of the market share achieved in the recent years by Gruppo Gimoka, the capacities in the hot air profile roasting section will be doubled, so the second RFB 400 is going to add 5000 kg/h of roasting capacity in the company.

Thanks to the company slogan “Gimoka – Coffee Instinct” the aromatic properties of the coffee are emphasized in all Gimoka products, besides that Gruppo Gimoka is also a trustworthy partner able to manage Private Label projects thanks to the Company’s expertise gained working alongside many local and international customers.

Gimoka’s roasting facility in Andalo Valtellino

“The innovative Neuhaus Neotec RFB roasting processes are the best solutions to meet these product requirements” states Ivan Padelli.

Both RFB roasters will help in ensuring the increased production. At the same time, the RFB roasting process ensures as well highest product quality, highest availability and low energy consumption. In order to reduce the carbon footprint of roasting operations, the roaster will be delivered with a preheating system.

This system is using residual and clean heat from roasting of one batch, in order to preheat the following batch with no impact on the roasting quality. Without preheating system such residual heat would be just wasted, as in the most cases of standard roasting machines of older generation. For emission treatment a catalyst system will be installed.

Both processes also prove the environmental consciousness of Gruppo Gimoka.

The RFB technology of Neuhaus Neotec is unique in its flexibility. No other roasting process has a comparably broad roasting profile range. The RFB is the only roasting system without mechanical agitators which ensures optimum and uniform roasting as well as maximum reproducibility.

The beans are kept in motion in both chambers only by the flow of the air. Furthermore the unique geometry of the chamber creates a rotation of the coffee batch ensuring gentle and homogenous mixing for highest uniformity of the roasting conditions.

Neuhaus Neotec Hot Air Roasting Chamber

The heat transfer from the air flow to each single bean is optimised and therefore the widest range of roasting profiles is achievable: from short up to long – espresso style – roasting time.

Neuhaus Neotec Logo

Neuhaus Neotec as a leading manufacturer of coffee roasting and processing equipment is proud to support the expansion and growth of Gruppo Gimoka in Italy and abroad with its best technology.

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