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Gimoka launches a new line of aluminium capsules compatible with Nespresso machines

The new range of Gimoka branded Nespresso compatible capsules

MILAN – Identifying new coffee drinking trends in a constantly growing market segment: this is the aim of the new range of Gimoka branded Nespresso compatible capsules: a range of aluminium capsules for an assortment of blends crafted from a careful selection of premium quality origin coffees.

Besides preserving coffee aroma for a long time, the capsule has been designed to work perfectly with all Nespresso coffee machines for home use.

By addressing a mainstream target, Gimoka intends to propose an alternative for all consumers seeking a convenience proposal in terms of aluminium capsules, today headed by two leading brands.

The proposal is divided into a range of 5 products (Classico, Ristretto and Sublime and two single origin coffees, Brasile and Colombia), available in 10-capsule packs and, for Classico, Ristretto and Sublime, also in 20 and 50 capsule packs.

Gimoka: the pack of 50 Nespresso compatible coffee capsules

The packaging project of the new line, besides featuring an image that expresses the intrinsic quality of the proposed blends, has been designed to minimise the shelf space occupied by the same number of capsules that are displayed.

A sensory experience of pure pleasure developed by Roast & Ground R&D Manager, Matteo Colombo, who tells us about the project in the interview below.

Here is the premiere of the video featuring the new Gimoka branded Nespresso compatible capsules

Available also on Gimoka’s e-commerce

This new line enriches the already wide range developed by Gimoka for the Nespresso compatible capsule market: thermoformed and bio-based compostable capsules.

The new Gimoka branded aluminium capsules are distributed in retail and specialty capsule shops as well as the gimoka.com www.caffe.com and amazon.

Matteo Colombo introduces the Gimoka Aluminium Capsule Range Assortment

The range is also characterised by two single origin coffees. What features do Colombia and Brasile offer?
Matteo Colombo: The two single origin coffees have significantly different profiles; in Colombia, the predominant component is acidity, also highlighted by the specific roasting profile, which enhances the citrus aromas that are typical of coffee from this country. While the sensory profile of Brasile is more similar to the Italian taste and, in particular, besides being full-bodied and with a medium acidity, it shows aroma nuances of nuts and chocolate.

And what are the sensory profiles of Sublime, Ristretto and Classico?
Matteo Colombo: Our coffee blend proposal caters to a wide range of tastes, offering different intensities. Sublime, with a 9/13 intensity, is a blend of Arabica from Brazil and Arabica from small farms on the highlands of Papua New Guinea, in addition to Robusta sourced from Vietnam and Uganda. Sublime is a soft coffee, characterised by an almond-nuanced aroma and a light-medium roast.
Ristretto, having an intensity of 11/13, is a round, chocolatey coffee, made from Arabica from Brazil, Peru and Papua New Guinea together with Robusta from Uganda.
Classico 12/13. A strong, intense sensory profile for a full-bodied coffee with low acidity, enhanced by a dark-medium roast with hints of spices and unsweetened cocoa. The use of wet-polished Vietnam Robusta provides a cleaner sensory profile.