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Gimoka Group′s President Ivan Padelli appointed in the Board of Creval – Crédit Agricole

Padelli Gimoka
Ivan Padelli, Founder and President of Gimoka Group

ANDALO VALTELLINO, Sondrio, Italy – On Friday 18 June, the meeting of the new Creval course took place and ratified the appointment of Ivan Padelli, Founder and President of Gimoka Group,  among the members of its Board of Directors for the three-year period 2021-2023.

Padelli, who will hold the position of independent advisor, will be the only Valtellina representative among the newly elected members of the Creval executive, which has its headquarters in Sondrio.

«I am pleased with this appointment – declared Ivan Padelli – and I am ready to immediately put myself at the service of Creval to contribute to the economic growth of this area. This bank represents an institution over a hundred years old for the economic and social development of the territory.

In addition to being honoured, I feel the responsibility to represent my fellow entrepreneurs with commitment and I will pursue every request that promises to generate positive and developmental effects on the Valley».

The entry of Ivan Padelli into the top management of Creval is the demonstration of Crédit Agricole Italia’s desire to maintain a strong bond between the Institute and Valtellina, but also a recognition of Ivan Padelli’s great entrepreneurial achievements and commitment to the territory through the Gimoka Group, always active with initiatives with a strong economic and social impact, as in the case of the recent participation in the Ambrosetti Forum in Bormio.

Ivan Padelli’s career is linked to the world of coffee since the early 1980s when he founded the Gimoka company.

In the years Gimoka has become one of the main Italian coffee roasters as well as the preferred partner of renowned multinational groups.

This is why Padelli’s entrepreneurial profile is recognized both nationally and abroad, where the Gimoka Group operates through its own brands and with Private Label projects for Roasters and important large-scale retailers.

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