Gimoka Duocup, two brewing systems, one machine

At the Host show, Gruppo Gimoka presented DUOCUP, its latest innovation in portioned coffee machines.

At the Host show, Gruppo Gimoka presented DUOCUP, its latest innovation in portioned coffee machines. Intended for the professional market, DUOCUP is the first and only machine that incorporates a patented SYSMART system enabling the recognition and management of two completely different types of capsules.

Presented with the tagline “Delivering the best of the two worlds”, DUOCUP can deliver drinks that have so far required equipment with very different characteristics: Italian espresso and American filter coffee.

The machine is equipped with an advanced user interface display that, through the touch menu, allows the user to intuitively customize the dose and type of coffee to be dispensed, for an excellent tasting experience time after time.

In addition, the filter coffee brewing system is covered by a specific patent whose application allows optimized extraction.

The DUOCUP System accepts a wide range of capsules: espresso type systems such as Lavazza Blue (*), A Modo Mio (*) and Espresso Point (*), and infusion and American filter coffee systems like K-Cup (*).

So, thanks to the variety of possible combinations, the menu that can be offered is boundless, becoming at once local and international; this flexibility allows users from anywhere in the world to choose and enjoy their favourite drink.

The innovative technology of DUOCUP redefines the parameters linked to quality of the drinks and breadth of the menu on offer. This gives end users a variety of choice that is unparalleled by any other system available on the market.

The machine’s sleek, elegant design fits discreetly into any decoration style and can be installed in offices, hotels and as additional equipment in bars to expand the coffee menu. DUOCUP aims to gain market share in emerging consumer segments by tapping into the constantly growing trend of globalization and population mobility.

Over time, the equipment’s configuration can be modified even for rented machines: the dispensing unit can be changed easily and quickly by users according to their changing needs and/or new consumption trends.

DUOCUP is more than just one machine: it is a real system that accommodates the most common systems on the market. This new way of being leaders in the portioned segment has been developed thanks to the proven known-how of Espresso Italia.

ESPRESSO ITALIA is the Gruppo Gimoka division dedicated to the portioned coffee market.
Gruppo Gimoka is an Italian coffee manufacturer. Founded by Ivan Padelli in the 1980s, the company boasts extensive expertise in the world of coffee, whether in beans, ground or packaged in single doses.

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