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GCP to hold an online meeting on Sustainable Coffee Purchase Reporting on January 28

GCP Reporting Global Coffee Platform

MILAN – Through Global Coffee Platform – GCP ’s Sustainable Coffee Purchase Reporting, Roasters & Retailers are committing to transparently reporting their sustainable coffee purchases and acting now for the future of coffee. GCP Sustainable Coffee Purchase Reporting, now entering its second year, has received the commitment of some of the world’s leading companies which have agreed to act transparently in an effort to promote a sector-wide move towards sustainable coffee and to show the progress being made.

The reporting forms part of a range of initiatives GCP is leading to help the coffee industry become more sustainable in measurable ways. Take a look at some of the highlights from 2020 and find out how you can act now with – and through – GCP to advance your company’s sustainability progress.

GCP ’s Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases: Roasters & Retailers invited

The Global Coffee Platform invites to join an exclusive online meeting to be held on January 28 to learn how Roasters and Retailers are boldly and transparently advancing sustainability through participating in the next round of GCP’s Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases.

In this meeting they will look at how leading Roasters and Retailers across the world are working pre-competitively to transparently report on their sustainable coffee purchases. This unique collective reporting is helping companies deliver against the UN Sustainable Development Goals including farmer prosperity, improved livelihoods and preserving nature.

  • How collective reporting of Sustainable Coffee Purchases supports progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • How the Baseline Coffee Code and Equivalence Mechanism underpin the Reporting of Sustainable Coffee Purchases
  • How to participate in the next round of Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases
  • How the data is communicated to the sector

Register now for an exclusive meeting to learn more.