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Galtieri, 3rd place WBrC: “Daterra Brazil is a true coffee wonderland”

The emotion of processing coffee picked with your own hands

MILAN – The report of the Italian Champion Alessandro Galtieri ‘s experience in a coffee farm. He had just enough time to land home again, and then immediately shared with the Italian Coffee Community the details of a visit that left him an indelible mark for many reasons.

The invitation of the great Brazilian Company Daterra

The coffee sponsor of the World Championships held in Boston, arrived to Galtieri after the prestigious third place at the World Brewers Cup.

And, as well, to the other top scorers of the Barista and Brewers disciplines. With A group of incredibly skilled Baristas.

The official pic of the event

Galtieri in the parade of great talents supporting Specialty Coffees

All the protagonists guests of Daterra, shared 10 days of experience in an exceptional location.

Let’s hear from Galtieri’s words the report of an experience of high human and professional value, also with many interesting aspects of innovation and research.

The Champions and Daterra’s incredible Staff

Daterra Coffee rewarded me with an emotion: the words of Galtieri

“I never had the pleasure of visiting a coffee plantation. So the invitation from Daterra represented for me the best prize that can be reserved for a competitor.

The contact with the earth, the plants, the people, the processes is incredible. It creates a special connection, very strong, and now, for me, drink a cup of coffee has an even deeper meaning, because of this bond. I had a true imprinting.

The Daterra Coffee Farm is magnificent, vast, punctual in every detail and aspect

It has the care and precision of a model farm. Everything is harmonious, orderly, scrupulous.

The incredible Staff is full of kindness and hospitality attentions. We all felt at home immediately and we felt a real pleasure in having us all there, something completely different from any formality.

The economic and technological means are undoubtedly impressive. But they are all at the service of coffee, of his life, improvement and, very important, of its future, never appeared so precarious and threatened. ”

A journey that has expanded my knowledge and skills

Galtieri continues: “For me, the experience in Daterra had a really important value. I am a SCA Trainer and so it was a privilege for me to be able to live all the phases of the different coffee processes with the technicians.

Daterra has numerous microclimates in its vast territory. And therefore alternates classic crops with other experimental ones, cultivating numerous varietals and hybrids. It’s easy to understand how they requires completely different processes to be exploited at it’s best.

An incredibly wide and interesting panorama, which generated questions from all of us present. But, first of all, answers has been founded. For me It will be a pleasure to share and transmit all those interesting knowledge to my students. The value of direct experiences like this, for those who teach, is really great. ”

Daterra underlines the collaborations and high standards

Daterra Masterpiece: where competition coffees are processed

Again Galtieri said: “The common prejudice about Brazilian coffees is to be undoubtedly pleasant, easy to approach by the customers.

So to be excellent ingredients for espresso blends, but without the characteristics to develop wow factor, complexity and flavours.

Finally, in short, Brasilian weren’t seen as competitions coffees.

Alessandro Galtieri during an exclusive cupping of Daterra Masterpieces

Maybe once it was true, but here in Daterra, I can assure you that the Brazilian coffees of peculiar varietals, which are subjected to exclusive top secret processing, carried out in an exclusive warehouse to which we had access, gave everyone incredible scent sensations in the exclusive cupping for us Champions.

A fantastic experience

In fact, we had the privilege of enjoy all the references of the next September’s auction in absolute preview.

These are the Masterpiece Series Coffees: true masterpieces in fact, that breaks Brazilian’s clichés with unimaginable aromas and complexity.

After all, the 2018 World Brewers Championship was won with one of these Masterpieces.

The experimental warehouse of Masterpieces

A commitment to the future of coffee

Thanks to Daterra we had the privilege of a visit to the Agronomic Institute of Campinas, a University Institute where genetic studies and hybridizations are carried, in order to preserve and defend coffee from its now documented weakness against the dramatic climate changes on the planet.

The Daterra Company itself, since many years and with great care, monitors the data relating to temperatures and other atmospheric variables: the results are impressive.

The climatic change is very fast and only research, experimentation and creation hybrids harmonious with habitat and terroir, but selected to be more flexible and resistant, will prevent us from seeing the word end in the history of coffee within 20 years.

The impressive terrace with a “sea” of coffee plants

During this trip I saw the future of coffee. I noticed that environmental damage is underway and that someone is working scientifically and lucidly to avoid disaster.

But not only. In fact, in all this, in addition to helping the plant adapt, they doesn’t stop only to make it grow stronger, but they works to make it better. To truly develop characteristics of excellence.

A fine coffee is the best ambassador we can have. Nothing like an emotion in a cup, can make everyone understand the value of this incredible product, thanks to those who believe and promote the Specialty all around the world.