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Fundraiser launched on Kickstarter to bring Hawaiian Coffee to Brewers Cup


KAUAI, Hawaii, U.S. – Ben Fitt from Outpost Coffee is launching a fundraiser on Kickstarter to bring Hawaiian Coffee to Brewers Cup 2020. Many Hawaiian coffee farmers have been watching the growing trend of specialty coffee in the US and have started pushing the boundaries of what was possible on Hawaii, writes Fitt on Kickstarter, writes Fitt on Kickstarter.

This includes Monarch Farms in North Kona who after a trip to Panama in search of the cutting edge of modern coffee sourced some Gesha seed stock from the famed Hacienda Las Esmeralda.

The Gesha coffee variety has changed the game of specialty coffee with it’s amazing flavor profiles, rarity and fickle cultivation nature. After years of cultivation they are into their second full harvest and changing the landscape and rule book of what Hawaiian coffee tastes like.

“Having placed 3rd in Oahu at Brewers Cup I have partnered with Monarch Coffee and have the privilege of taking an experimental honey processed Gesha to the US Coffee Champs qualifiers in Nashville” continues Fitt.

“This is not only an exciting step for myself but also for the Hawaiian coffee industry to show the American coffee industry what exciting developments are happening in Hawaii that is often overlooked by the mainland specialty coffee industry”.

“This chance to represent Hawaiian coffee and local farmers to the specialty coffee industry is unfortunately not a cheap endeavor. I am looking for some support from friends, family and coffee fans to help make this a reality”.

“I am excited to share the hard work from some of the most dedicated and passionate farmers in the world. In return for your support, I will share them with you too. Whether you wish to grab a bag of Monarch Gesha roasted by me at Outpost Coffee, join a group tasting of some of the best coffees Hawaii has to offer or a private roasting class, we are looking to share the stoke”.

The Kickstarter page is available at this link.