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From crop to cup, Ethical Bean allows consumers to trace the journey of their beans

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada – Ethical Bean, a leading roaster of 100% fairtrade and Usda certified organic coffee, is now widely available in the United States. First brewed in Canada in 2003, the company is driven by the belief that the fairtrade model doesn’t have to live on the fringe.

Using only fairtrade certified and organic beans, the brand does its best to live up to the ‘ethical’ in its name. This is part of what makes Ethical Bean just. better.®

Every Bag of Beans Has a Story

Great coffee should not translate to complicated or elite. From crop to cup, Ethical Bean allows consumers to trace the journey of their beans with a unique QR code on the back of each bag. With a quick point of a smartphone camera, coffee lovers will learn which fairtrade co-ops their coffee is from, when it was roasted, for how long, at what temperature, and how the coffee scores on sweetness, body, acidity and more.

“Being transparent about every coffee’s journey is a unique part of our process, and we want to share our passion for detail and quality with those who care just as much about their morning cup of coffee as we do,” said Viren Malik, COO, Ethical Bean Coffee. “We’re proud to introduce the Ethical Bean brand on a national scale in the U.S. to show coffee lovers how our coffee really is just better.”

just. better.

Delivering the most ethical coffee involves doing things the right way – not the easiest way – to give coffee drinkers a responsible cup every time. The company goes above and beyond to source, roast, and sell the freshest and highest quality coffee beans. We’re confident when you take your first sip of our rainbow of seven roasts, you will see what we mean by just. better.®

“We strive to buy green coffees that score at an 83+ point level; deceptively difficult,” notes Aaron De Lazzer, Director of Coffee, Ethical Bean and Canada’s first Certified Q Grader. “Uniquely, I grade, taste and approve every lot we roast. We’re looking for consistently delicious coffees, with a little something extra. I hope you can taste the plus.”

Ethical Bean: Ethical At All Costs

Beyond our ethical processes for sourcing and packing our coffee from crop to cup, the Ethical Bean team is deeply involved in the communities of our farmers. Since 2004, the comapny has provided more than $150,000 to Child Aid’s FUNDIT program, which provides children in Guatemala with the finances they need for school registration, school supplies, uniforms, and more. In 2010, the program was renamed the Ethical Bean Scholarship Fund. Ethical Bean also donates $10,000 annually to Guatemala-based Project Somos, an organization dedicated to helping at-risk children and their mothers escape the poverty cycle through education and a healthy food supply. More details on Ethical Bean’s community work can be found here.

Ethical Bean is now available in select grocery stores nationwide and online at Walmart and Amazon for SRP $9.99 per 8-ounce ground bag and SRP $11.99 per 12-ounce whole bean bag.

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