Saturday 25 March 2023

Local French café awarded coveted Michelin Guide star by mistake

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BOURGES, FRANCE— It’s a case of culinary mistaken identity. The Michelin Guide has accidentally awarded one of its coveted stars to a lowly local café that shares its name with a gastronomic restaurant 150 kilometres away.

In the annual restaurant list unveiled Feb. 9, the publishers confused “Le Bouche à Oreilles” in Bourges, which serves up burgers and fries, with “Le Bouche à Oreille” in Boutervilliers that boasts an award-winning chef.

Calling it “impossible,” café owner Veronique Jacquet said she laughed when the local radio called her to break the news.

Jacquet, who seemed to be enjoying her five minutes of fame, said humbly she has “a small brasserie open from Monday to Friday, serving workers, so nothing to do with a gourmet restaurant.”

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