Monday 04 December 2023

FRANCE – Starbucks opens Store at Paris’ Galeries Lafayette department store

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PARIS – Starbucks unveiled its newest store located within Paris’ legendary department store and symbol of French art de vivre, Galeries Lafayette. The Starbucks store is featured on the third-floor balcony of the store at the Boulevard Haussmann, located at the center of the Opera shopping district.

A second store will open on September 30th at 81 Rue de Provence (9th district).

The store at Boulevard Haussmann has been designed uniquely for its  sensational location,  built on the 3rd floor balcony with a spectacular view of  the Dome of the Galeries.

Crafted with locally sourced wood and black  marble, brass, glass and metal,  the store takes its inspiration from the world of fashion that defines Galeries Lafayette and combines this with the very core of Starbucks – coffee.

The iconic Starbucks espresso cup was repurposed as building material, to reflect the brand mission: “one person, one cup, one neighborhood.” 7,400 espresso cups were stacked to cover parts of the walls and build the counter, creating an abstract relief that mixes with other materials.

The store is also a coffee gallery, taking customers on a  journey to  discover the story  of Starbucks coffee heritage and expertise.

Before ordering, customers can view a showcase that explains  Starbucks roasting process: it is not just a time, temperature or color, it is a philosophy. Another one is devoted to  sharing how  geography affects the beans’ flavor  through tree art  featuring  the origin and flavor of 9 different coffees.

To offer a magnificent view of the Dome, the seats are arranged on the edge of the balcony, along a marble and brass bar. This refined contemporary store will be a stylish new addition to the French capital store portfolio, giving  Galeries Lafayette customers the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing coffee break during their shopping experience with this store inside a store.

Lafayette Each new store that Starbucks opens showcases its commitment to creating  locally relevant design, and in this case, reflects the fashion heritage and elegance of Galeries Lafayette. Ad de Hond, vice president, store design & concepts Starbucks EMEA, says “Galeries Lafayette is an institution known around the world representing the best of French fashion.

To uphold this reputation, our Starbucks store design team created a store that would echo this atmosphere and complement the customer’s shopping experience”.

He adds by saying, “Starbucks has always been about making a connection with customers, and by taking inspiration from our local surroundings, our store design will help create a more meaningful experience and offer special moments of discovery for customers when they visit.”

With these two store openings, Starbucks continues its commitment to creating sustainably designed, locally relevant stores. Last year, Starbucks opened a store in the exclusive London area of Mayfair on Vigo Street and gave it a high-profile design treatment by restoring the eloquence of the store’s original Georgian architectural features.

Earlier this year, another unique Starbucks store opened on the iconic Bloemenmarkt in the heart of Amsterdam. The idea behind the store design was to reflect the centuries-old history of Amsterdam’s canal district.  These designs, like the new store at Galleries Lafayette, are steeped in local culture and designed to reflect history of the space and the neighbourhood.

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