Tuesday 05 July 2022

Four Sigmatic expands portfolio with line of functional coffee creamers

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LOS ANGELES, USA – Four Sigmatic, the mushroom industry pioneer known for upgrading every day food and beverage essentials with nutrient-dense, functional ingredients, today launches a new line of coffee creamers that contain the market’s highest dosage (500mg) of functional mushrooms, well researched to deliver specific health benefits. This launch builds on the brand’s unique mushroom heritage and mission of bringing healthy and accessible upgrades to coffee routines everywhere.

Four Sigmatic Functional Creamers are the first to deliver specific benefits from mushrooms in three available SKUs: Think for a clearer mind and increased productivity, Gut Health for maintaining the gut microbiome, and Balance for stress regulation and glowing skin. Each powdered variety is made with coconut milk, MCT Oil, mushrooms, adaptogens, real vanilla, real cacao, and zero artificial flavors or fillers.

Currently, popular coffee creamers contain harmful or unhealthy ingredients like gums, hydrogenated oils, and “natural flavors.” Four Sigmatic delivers a delicious creamer taste with just six simple, nutrient-dense, 100% USDA Organic ingredients that transform any cup of coffee into an extraordinary beverage with benefits.

Now, Four Sigmatic fans can supercharge benefits by pairing Think Ground Coffee with Think Functional Creamer, for example, or mix and match with other creamers for multi-benefits. Newcomers can experience the world of functional foods by simply adding one or two of these creamers to their existing coffee routine.

“As the first company to bring the concept of functional coffee to the U.S., our functional creamers are a natural and expected extension to our portfolio,” said Tero Isokauppila, Founder and CEO of Four Sigmatic. “Our hope with this launch is that we can show more people how easy and accessible it is to elevate their health by simply upgrading the things they already consume.”

Four Sigmatic Functional Creamers are available for purchase on FourSigmatic.com for $20 each. Four Sigmatic’s broader and almost-magically easy and delicious product offerings are sold in 6,000 doors and counting including Whole Foods, Target, Sprouts, Wegmans, HEB, King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Amazon, Thrive Market, and other stores where natural products are sold. Four Sigmatic is also available in over 55 countries outside of the U.S.

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