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Four dinner events celebrate illy’s 10-year partnership with Venice Biennale

illy dinner in Venice
Illy collection, Cameron Jamie

VENICE – illycaffè, in honor of their collaboration with the Venice Biennale for the 58th International Art Exposition May You Live In Interesting Times, is organizing a series of four outstanding dinner-events, realized with the Michelin Guide and taking place within the lauded restaurant Le Bombarde dell’Arsenale.

One by one, guests will bear witness to a creative dialogue between artist – chosen by curator Ralph Rugoff – and a Michelin-starred chef – selected by the Guide itself. Together, chef and artist will give life to a unique experience, available to the public for purchase online only by way of the Michelin Guide, and including a private visit to the exhibition.

“To celebrate our profound bond with Biennale Arte, which we’ve renewed this year for the 10th consecutive edition,” explains Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO of illycaffè, “we have developed a project in which contemporary art collides with cuisine, creating contamination and proposing a truly one of a kind, unedited experience: a concept that can be synthesized by our message ‘there is art in everything we do.’ The union of taste with beauty is at the core of our brand and our company’s mission statement, and it is kept alive thanks to these creative opportunities for exchange, which become a new artistic form”.

Part of the proceeds from the dinner will be donated to the digital photo project of Ar- chivio, the Historic Archives of Contemporary Art at the Venice Biennale.

Each artist was given the opportunity to decorate an espresso cup inspired by the project which will become part of a special edition series within the illy Art Collection releasing this coming fall 2019.

Calendar of dinners:

September 9, 2019
Artist: Adriana AD Minoliti – Chef Niko Romito 3***

September 23, 2019
Artist: Slavs & Tatars – Chef Juan Amador 3***

October 7, 2019
Artist: Ulrike Muller – Chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre 2**

To know more: www.guida.michelin.it