Tuesday 31 January 2023

Forum promotes research for sustainable coffee production

Entities linked to coffee and development participated in COFFEE with SCIENCE, the first forum to share research experiences for the competitiveness of the coffee industry. The coffee sector needs to improve coffee cup quality, introduce pest-resistant varieties and implement good agricultural practices.

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LIMA, PeruThe first Coffee with Science forum, organized by the National Coffee Board (Junta Nacional de Café), SCAN and Solidaridad, brought together students, researchers, and state and private institutions who value the importance of implementing technological innovation as a tool to improve productivity, product quality and sustainability of production systems in the Peruvian coffee sector.

Over 20 coffee-related projects were presented in the forum, implemented by different organizations such as the National Coffee Board (JNC) and SCAN, Solidaridad, state agencies like INIA and universities, among other institutions.

Under the Sustainable Development Model for Peruvian Coffee Project, implemented by the JNC and SCAN, funded by IDBMIF and SECO, in 2012 and 2013, two calls were carried out for “Research proposals for increasing productivity in coffee cultivation”, leading to the funding of five research projects aimed at identifying bottlenecks in coffee production.

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