Wednesday 29 June 2022

Foodservice returned to growth in 2021 with a 15.6% increase over 2020

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MILAN, Italy — As many suspected – and as the figures now confirm – people’s desire to dine out is bigger than any crisis: the Foodservice Market Monitor, a study carried out by Deloitte into the global catering industry, has found that in 2021 there was a return to growth of 15.6% on 2020, reaching a total value of 2,221 billion euros (a against 1,921 billion in 2020).

Interestingly, Italy ranks top and comes sixth worldwide in the quality restaurants segment, with a sharp rebound of +14.5% on 2020 and a total value of 31 billion euros.

Europe as a whole has remained stable here, maintaining its 18% share of the world market and a growth of +16.7% on 2020. And while the Asia-Pacific area confirms its position as the main market, with 48% of the total (+13.7%, CAGR 20-21), North America has at 24% consolidated the expansion it recorded in 2020, displaying the highest growth rate (+18% CAGR 20-21).

The pandemic undoubtedly led to – and in some cases accelerated – more than one change on the market. The restaurant with table service remains the most widespread format internationally (48%) but ranks second in terms of growth rate behind Street Food (those two formats grew by 18.8% and 21.3% respectively), although the latter still accounts for just 5% of the market. Fast food and Delivery are the second most popular formats (33%), especially in North America, where half of all companies are located. Cafés and bars – the third most popular format, with 14% of share – are a typically European format, accounting for 30% of all catering activity.

With 44% of market share, China leads the way (by value) on Full Service, followed by the USA (16%).

Italy ranks sixth globally by diffusion, with a growth of +14.5% on the previous year (CAGR 20-21) and a value of 31 billion euros. Here, one in two of all catering includes “served” food, the other half being divided between Quick Service (28%) and Cafés and Bars (21%).

As for food consumption settings, Retail (foodservice inside supermarkets or shopping malls) has proved to be the most dynamic area in this moment of economic recovery, with a growth of +27.6% on 2020. And there was a two-figure growth also for trading establishments located in tourist destinations or places of entertainment.

The Delivery format more than doubled over a 12-month period, growing by a staggering +53.7% (CAGR 20-21, while catering chains account for around one third of the world’s global Foodservice market, with a two-figure growth (+14.8%). The highest growth was seen in Europe (up 18.8% on 2020), and even more markedly in Italy (+23.2%), even though here chains account for just 8% of all establishments in the sector.

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