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Health risks: How much caffeine is too much according to science?

MILAN – Caffeine is having a cultural moment. Once believed to cause illness, recent research has linked the compound to a variety of health benefits. Sensing an opportunity, entrepreneurs seized on these health claims to launch new products. Today, caffeine-vehicles now include sprays, powders, gums, waffles, cubes, granola bars, and bagels.

Suffering from chronic pain? Drinking a cup of coffee can provide relief

MILAN – Coffee is the most common beverage consumed globally. It has many advantages like it can boost your fiber intake, protect you from liver cirrhosis, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and much more. According to the recent study, coffee is far better in healing the chronic pain compared to the pain killer pills like ibuprofen.

Coffee associated with liver wellness in patients with chronic liver disease

HEMPSTEAD, NY, U.S. – Many people ask about liver wellness and what they can do to keep their liver healthy. The best recommendations are to avoid potential risk factors for chronic liver disease such as drug and alcohol use, make sure vaccination against hepatitis A and B are performed and proven effective and to follow a healthy diet ...

A tasty drink made with chocolate and caffeine can improve your thinking

MILAN – Yes, you have read it correctly. There is a particular drink on the market that mixes chocolate and caffeine. The best part? Well, it may just help to improve your brain’s thinking process. In a joint study between New York’s Clarkson University, the University of Wisconsin, and the Oregon Science University researches have found that ...

Coffee isn’t just to drink! Caffeine based beauty is the new cosmetic trend

MILAN – Coffee is many people’s first port of call in the morning to prep them for the day. But caffeine isn’t just to drink – there are a host of beauty products that contain the circulation-boosting ingredient on the market. Bean Body have based their entire company on caffeine, with products for face and body all made with the humble coffee bean.

Coffee could be more effective at relieving pain than conventional drugs

MILAN – Insomnia and chronic sleep loss are well known to increase pain sensitivity. But an unusual animal study suggests that stimulants that keep you awake – like a cup of coffee -- may give sleep deprived patients more pain relief than morphine or ibuprofen. That unexpected finding was reached by researchers at Boston Children's Hospital ...

Major bagel chain aims at millennials with world’s first caffeinated bagels

MILAN – The bagel chain Einstein Bros. released what it’s billing as the “world’s first caffeinated bagel.” Called an Espresso Buzz, it contains 32 milligrams of caffeine. This is only about a third of what you’d find in eight ounces of coffee, according to the USDA. Inspired by millennials’ interest in craft coffee, Kerry Coyne, senior vice president ...

The next generation of plant-based beverages eyes flexitarians consumers

MILAN – Plant based is more than a buzzword. It’s a lifestyle trend driven by consumer interest in both personal wellness and concern for the global ecosystem, and it’s got staying power, according to those monitoring the food and beverage industries and those marketing plant-based brands.

Crimson Cup and Charqui Jerky Co. introduce coffee-flavored beef jerky

COLUMBUS, Ohio, U.S. – Columbus, Ohio coffee roaster Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea and award-winning local jerky maker Charqui Jerky Co. have paired up to introduce “Morning Buzz,” a coffee-flavored beef jerky. The flavor combines Crimson Cup craft coffee and Charqui’s handcrafted beef jerky, which is made from American-sourced beef ...

Video of Mannatech’s new complete coffee available on YouTube

COPPELL, Texas, U.S. – A video is available on YouTube featuring Mannatech, Incorporated’s GlycoCafe, the world’s most complete coffee, infused with the company’s innovative Glyconutrients, making it a healthy choice for coffee lovers. While most coffees on the market today only use roasted coffee beans ...