Monday 08 August 2022

FNC makes eloquent call to care for life through its emblematic and iconic logo

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BOGOTÁ, Colombia – As a striking, innovative call to promote self-care and prioritize everybody’s life, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), for the first time in its history, modified its logo temporarily in response to the current situation’s health requirements.

With great creativity and to promote elemental self-care measures to avoid spreading of covid-19, Juan Valdez and the mule Conchita appear with masks, physical distancing, covering their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, or washing hooves and hands.

As part of its mission, all actions by the FNC have always pursued a higher purpose for the benefit of coffee growers and their families, which are its raison d’être, and the current health situation could not be the exception.

FNCAt a time when the world is undergoing the consequences of the pandemic, the actions by the FNC aim to have an even greater impact to promote self-care and prioritize health.

“I always have showed and will show the greatest respect for what our institutional logos and symbols mean, and today we resort to them to make a global call for raising awareness and following elemental rules to protect the lives of coffee growers, pickers, the coffee community, and the population as a whole,” the FNC CEO, Roberto Vélez, said.

In addition to the intervention of the logos with the sole purpose of saving lives, the campaign also uses common language and popular idioms, including a jingle that paraphrases the well-known song “Allá arriba en aquel alto (Up there in that high place),” by Professor Yarumo.

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