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Fire Department Coffee announces a series of new Spirit Infused Coffees

Fire Department Coffee

ROCKFORD, Ill., U.S. — Fire Department Coffee announced their plans to unveil a series of new Spirit Infused Coffees throughout the year, adding to its signature collection of specialty roasts that feature the subtle flavor of top-shelf spirits. The first seasonal blend is Vanilla Bean Bourbon Infused Coffee, available soon in a limited release. Vanilla Bean Bourbon Coffee has been impeccably crafted to capture the essence of rich vanilla bean and premium aged bourbon. It delivers a smooth, unique taste and a distinct bourbon aroma.

The veteran-owned, firefighter-run company will introduce three additional Spirit-Infused blends in 2021, each selected to accent the season and add unique flavor to the coffee drinking experience. The new line of Spirit-Infused Coffee follows the success of the company’s recent, limited-edition Black Cherry Bourbon Coffee.

Spirit-Infused Coffee, as well as Fire Department Coffee’s other popular roasts, can be ordered online at FireDeptCoffee.com. Each bag is handcrafted and freshly roasted to order.

“The response to our Spirit Infused Coffee has been amazing,” said Luke Schneider, founder of Fire Department Coffee. “We’re really excited about the lineup that we’ll unveil throughout the year, and Vanilla Bean Bourbon Coffee is the perfect way to kick off 2021.”

Throughout the year, Fire Dept. Coffee will introduce even more limited-edition blends that combine the best spirits with flavors that perfectly match the season. Savor the juicy and tart Blackberry Bourbon Infused Coffee on the first warm day of spring. Sit on your front porch, drinking a light, fresh Peach Bourbon Infused roast on a summer Sunday morning. And indulge in a smooth and sweet Salted Caramel Spirit Infused Coffee while throwing another log on the fire.

Fire Department Coffee was the first to bring Spirit-Infused Coffee to the market, and it remains the industry leader because it has perfected its signature infusion process to combine the deep flavor and rich aroma of the spirits, resulting in a smooth, subtle roast.

Fire Department Coffee’s nonalcoholic, Spirit-Infused Coffee features top-shelf spirits available in Bourbon, Rum, Tequila and Irish Whiskey.