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Finnish Innovation Index: Paulig ranks among the top 10 most innovative companies


HELSINKI, Finland – Paulig is among the top 10 most innovative companies according to research developed by Hanken School of Economics. The Finnish Innovation Index, conducted for the first time in 2021, focuses on Finnish consumers’ perception of company’s innovativeness and attractiveness, based on their experiences.

“We at Paulig are grateful and happy for this recognition from Finnish consumers. It is great to be among such innovative companies. We embrace innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit and consumers are at the heart of Paulig’s operations”, says Paula Backman, CMO and member of the Paulig Group Leadership Team.

Hanken described the Finnish Innovation Index and their research with the following statement:

“The Finnish Innovation Index (FII) reveals how consumers see a company’s innovativeness and attractiveness based on their own experiences. The FII illustrates how consumers adopt a broader view of innovation: they use not only their perceptions of new products one by one as they are being introduced to judge whether a firm is innovative, but also observe a range of company activities to derive an overall judgement of a firm’s innovativeness. There is a clear positive connection between innovativeness and customer loyalty.

The research provides companies with valuable information on consumer perceptions and offers guidance on where to allocate money. Additionally, the FII promotes discussion between academia and companies on innovation, with the purpose of nurturing and strengthening the innovation capacity of Finnish business. Company specific insight can be developed, and Hanken will continue the FII research in cooperation with companies and provide information in order to help both consumers and companies towards better products and services.”

The survey involved approximately 2,500 consumers who rated the innovativeness of 53 companies. The study was conducted by Kantar TNS with a method developed by Hanken School of Economics. The results of the top 10 most innovative companies were published in a webinar hosted by Hanken on 17 June 2021.