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FikaPress launches stainless steel coffee canister with silicon base

MIAMI, United States – A new stainless-steel coffee canister promises fresh coffee every time the lid is opened: FikaPress is pleased to present the only stainless steel coffee canister with a Silicon base.

The FikaPress coffee canister is reported to keep coffee beans or powder fresh as first day. Feedback from first time users claim it is not only airtight, but also has the all-important CO2 release valve, and a date tracker.

Rave reviews from consumers confirm the canister is large, built with excellent material, and comes with a measuring scoop and date wheel for tracking age. The addition of a Silicon base is said to leave purchasers impressed as it makes it very quiet in the kitchen.

A happy customer had this to say about the product, “A quick way to check if a coffee canister delivers on its promise is to smell the coffee each time the lid is opened. The deluxe, silicon base coffee canister measures true on this test. The coffee tastes as great as it should, every single morning.”

“After receiving customer feedback, we decided to add the silicon at the bottom of the FikaPress Coffee Canister. This means the new coffee canister doesn’t sound like cheap tin unlike other cheap canisters,” says Jimmy Kim of FikaPress.

The FikaPress coffee canisters are looking to take on one of the toughest tasks that exist in the 21st century, preserving coffee beans to keep them fresh. After many trials, the team at FikaPress are happy to announce the modern coffee canisters, with features that protect coffee far longer than in anything from the past.

Exhaustive studies have confirmed the FikaPress Stainless Steel Coffee Canisters to have the following features:

  • Surgical-grade stainless steel body
  • CO2 release valve (extra valves Included)
  • Date wheel for tracking roasting date
  • Bonus measuring scoop
  • Measuring scoop holder
  • Silicon base for quiet operations!
  • Measure: 64.6 floz / 22 oz (beans) / 19.5 oz (grounds)

The FikaPress coffee canisters are said by satisfied buyers to stand in sharp contrast to inferior products, such as canisters made with cheap, light materials that fail to contain freshness. Such quality will put a smile in the faces of coffee enthusiasts as the market is believed to be flooded with products that turn out not to keep coffee fresh effectively.

“During the research, I actually found cheaper options that were quite similar to each other. However, I got the FikaPress one because of its beautiful design and the silicon at the bottom. It reduces the noise when I place it, and it would probably protect the bottom when I drop it,” says a recent customer.

The team behind the FikaPress coffee canister refer to their prized product as not just any container, as it has been designed with the interests of coffee lovers and shops in mind. FikaPress wanted to give them an enjoyable coffee break, and also dispel the notion that great coffee can’t be brewed at home. By keeping the ground coffee or beans in their pristine condition, the canister does an incredible job of making sure the coffee comes up true to expectations.

“That’s why we’ve crafted the highest-quality Coffee Canister & French Press. We want you to take back some much-needed minutes from your busy day, and have some relaxing ‘Me Time’,” says Jimmy Kim.

The FikaPress coffee canisters will look to leave other coffee preservation options in their wake with their new invention. Another happy customer was happy to say, “I wish I had purchased this a long time ago… I wasn’t diligent enough to do the research to make my coffee taste better…but finally, I did! I personally use ground coffee with my French press. Ground coffee usually needs to be consumed within 2 weeks, but it takes more than 3-4 weeks for me to finish it,” says a recent customer.

For what it’s worth, those who give their 110% to everything shouldn’t be denied a great cup of Joe. FikaPress has tried to do just that, given hard workers a reward they will cherish every morning. The canister is not only a functional product but designed to look good in the modern kitchen. The finish and aesthetics are pleasing to the eye.

The product is also paraded to be a good gift for coffee lovers. A beautiful, noiseless, luxurious metal canister will no doubt, represent good cheers during this holiday season. More than that, a coffee lover always cherishes the freshness of their coffee, as it is the first thing in the world they want after getting up.