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Barista & Farmer talent show, here are the participants of the 2018 edition

RIMINI, Italy – Nicole Battefeld (29 years old, from Germany), Diego Campos (27 yo, from Colombia), Iuliia Dziadevych (25 yo, Ukraine), Cong Yuan (23 yo, China), Matija Matijaško (26 yo, Croatia), Daniel Munari (32 yo, dal Brazil), Sara Ricci (28 yo Italy), Vala Stefansdottir (30 yo, Iceland), Victoria Rovenskaya (26 yo, dalla Russia).

These are the the nine baristas, selected among more than 250 applications that came from all over the world, who will be the protagonists of the new edition of Barista & Farmer, the first and only talent show dedicated to quality coffee.

The talent, created by Francesco Sanapo, multiawarded barista champion, in collaboration with Italian Exhibition Group, World Coffee Events and SIGEP – Salone Internazionale Gelateria, Pasticceria, Panificazione Artigianale e Caffé, and with the patronage of Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), will take place in May 2018 in Colombia.

The tenth will be revealed at Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) in March 2018.

The nine finalists have been announced on Sunday november 12th during the WBC, World Barista Championship, at the Seoul Cafè Show in South Korea, by the talent’s creator, Francesco Sanapo (PICTURE), and the winner of the last edition of the show, Nikolaos Kanakaris.Environmental sustainability has always been a big part of this show, and has become an even bigger part since the show’s last edition due to the support of Lavazza, among the main partners and sponsors of the talent.

The new edition of the show, in fact, adds to the values of education and competition the one of sustainability thanks to the collaboration with Lavazza, among the main sponsors of the talent show which, through the projects of its Foundation, operates to create better social and environmental conditions as well as better production processes to some local communities of coffee producers.

After the 2016 edition in the Brazilian Lambarì, the project will be a protagonist in the colombian experience as well.

The fourth event promises new content and new features. The participants in Barista & Farmer, all very high-level, will be involved in a comprehensive project that starts with the coffee plantation harvests, includes all the stages of coffee production and the range of technologies used and ends with coffee tasting opportunities and a look at the variety of ways coffee is enjoyed.

They will attend the Barista & Farmer Academy, a special multidisciplinary school where they will follow SCA training modules on agronomy, botanics, raw coffee, coffee roasting and coffee extraction under the direction of Alberto Polojac, along with a large number of other experts with considerable international experience. Work and learning will be interspersed with opportunities for fun and relaxation, with themed games and competitions.

The finalists will be filmed and the videos will be broadcast on www.baristafarmer.com and the talent show’s social networks. A documentary will be made about the event (each year the show is filmed in a different artistic style. See the event’s YouTube channel for the latest documentary).

This will illustrate a new approach to the world of coffee, the aim being to disseminate the increasingly global coffee culture (coffee is the second most common drink after water).

Barista & Farmer is created by Francesco Sanapo in collaboration with Italian Exhibition Group, and SIGEP – Salone Internazionale Gelateria, Pasticceria, Panificazione Artigianale e Caffè, with the patronage of SCA, Specialty Coffee Association. In collaboration with World Coffee Events and the ¡Tierra! Project by Lavazza.  Supported by Lavazza, La Cimbali, Faema, Mumac Academy, Urnex and Genovese Coffee; golden media partner Barista Magazine and BarGiornale.

Colombia, the country of origin of the fourth event

Colombia is the world’s third exporter of coffee, and has always played a key role in world coffee production, both because of the excellence of its raw materials and because of the small communities of dedicated and passionate coffee producers who often use high-quality, traditional methods.

According to recent figures from the Comitato Italiano Caffè (Italian Coffee Committee), between December 2015 and November 2016 Colombia 12.5 million sacks of green coffee, and between January and September 2016 Italy imported 17.5 million kg (the equivalent of 292,273 sacks) of Columbian green coffee.

In Colombia the Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation sustain, in the municipalities of Mesetas, Lejanias and San Juan de Arama, important sustainability projects to provide to the coffee growers all the tools necessary to manage the effects of the climate change and to reintegrate the families of the producers within the territories that, in the last decades, have been struck by huge social crisis.