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Faema E61 turns 60: All of the initiatives planned to celebrate the espresso-style icon

Ranging from a charity auction to photography contests, up to exclusive partnerships and a brand-new cycling-inspired merchandising collection. The aim is to strengthen the Company’s brand values and foster a sense of belonging to the FAEMA community

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BINASCO, Italy – 60 years after its launch, the evergreen Faema E61 is still today one of the best quality espresso machines. It has become an undisputed icon for cafés since its creation and this year E61 gains a festive mood to celebrate this important anniversary and is launching several initiatives for all Faema fans: a brand-new special merchandising collection, a social media contest, a partnership to stress its close relationship with cycling and a charity auction.

And to meet new customer requirements – such as the increasingly more widespread Home-Bar trend – Faema E61 turns into a real “object of desire” and will be presented in a new environment: our homes. More specifically, it is called Limited Edition E61 1 Group Anniversary, and it keeps its very own professional espresso machine identity while integrating with new styles, fashion trends and contexts.

Faema E61, an icon of quality bar-served espresso over the years

“Today, we are celebrating our Faema E61, a product that has become an icon of quality bar-served espresso over the years. Its 60th anniversary gives us the opportunity to rediscover our past in order to look to the future with determination and interest for new habits – says Enrico Bracesco, Gruppo Cimbali’s Chief Commercial Officer. While working on innovation, passion and memory, we are aiming at reaching a whole new market, i.e. the Consumer market, and we are doing it with a professional machine that can adapt to home as a new environment, thus meeting the increasingly stronger demand for home-bars.

With the new special Limited Edition we are taking the taste of professional espresso and Faema’s original design into our homes”.

The first 60 years for a revolutionary machine

Inspired by the first total solar eclipse back in 1961 – its very name stands for it – the E61 radically changed the history of espresso machines, thus contributing to creating modern bars as we know them. This product was able to find its own place in terms of social identity during the 60s in Italy, at a time when the Country – in the aftermath of World War II – was looking to the world with pride, while starting reconstruction with great enthusiasm in a booming economy and a new renaissance.

Faema E61 rode this wave of revival and revolution and became an undisputed style icon over time

A “continuous delivery” machine, where water for extraction is taken directly from the water network and not from the boiler, flowing through the water softener resin eliminating limestone. The water, delivered by the electric volumetric pump with a 9-bar pressure level through a heat exchanger, ensures a perfect and constant temperature level thanks to a “thermosyphon” system.

Furthermore, the machine improves the pre-infusion process: by extending the contact time between water and ground coffee for a few seconds before delivery, it is possible to obtain optimum extraction when in terms of organoleptic properties of the espresso.

In order to be more flexible and adapt to Customers’ constantly changing preferences, E61 was fitted with a patented system, i.e. the Thermobalance System, making the group temperature variable in order to obtain a perfect coffee – even for the most modern and delicate gourmet espressos.

Faema & cycling: a story of passion and creativity

The E61’s 60 years are a perfect chance to communicate the passion and creativity Faema has always had for cycling as a sport activity. That is why Faema is launching its very first Limited-Edition Merchandising Set for the machine’s first 60 years. The set is dedicated to the world of cycling: t-shirts, socks and caps with logo for all bike lovers, who have always been related with the Company and with the famous La Faema’s red & white t-shirt of the men’s cycling team competing in road cycling, in which champions such as Eddy Merckx participated for 3 seasons, from 1968 to 1970, making the team one of the best ever.

As a statement of the strong relationship between Faema and the world of cycling, a partnership with Basso Bikes was launched to introduce Faema-branded bikes, which will be exhibited in the Company’s Flagship Store in Milan and in the Mumac (Gruppo Cimbali’s Corporate Museum) and will also be available in Faema’s e-shop starting from this autumn. The proceeds of the auction will be granted to the association World Bicycle Relief, supporting rural communities all over the world since many years, providing them with access to schooling, healthcare and work, exactly by donating bicycles.

The collected funds will help support life-changing bicycle programs

Furthermore, the association hires local manpower for assembling and performing maintenance to the donated bikes, thus creating jobs.

Finally, also the successful cooperation between Mumac and Museo del Ghisallo continues, thanks to the social initiative “a coffee with Faema”, a series of interviews with cycling champions for Faema (Balmamion, Moser, Pezzo, Ballan, Nibali, Vigna).

The 60 years of E61 to strengthen brand values

Strengthening brand values and the sense of belonging to the Faema community. These are the objectives that were set for all other social and non-social projects celebrating E61, in order to foster the passion and affection of Coffee Lovers, official Faema Dealers, as well as Customers.

Among these projects:

  • A “Faema” Special Edition Panel: starting from the month of July until the end of 2021, those who will buy a new Faema E61 (1-2-3 group) will receive it with an additional accessory: a “Faema E61” Special Edition panel to celebrate the iconic machine’s 60th anniversary. Those who already own one, will have the opportunity to buy the Faema Special Edition Panel + cycling-inspired Limited-Edition Merchandising set;
  • An Instagram Photography contest: to engage the digital Coffee Lovers’ community and E61 owners. All pictures received will be posted on a special ad hoc website created for the occasion. The first 10 winners will receive a cycling-inspired Limited-Edition Merchandising set;
  • A special exhibition at the MUMAC: a special exhibition planned, starting from the special opening of the museum on Sunday 26th, September dedicated to E61: together with the new machine with special anniversary panel, some important machines of the past will be exhibited for the first time, among which a E61 Limited Edition made in 2015 for the 70th Faema anniversary.

Faema E61 Limited Edition 1 Group Anniversary

Designed for a new environment, i.e. homes, the special Limited Edition is even more unique thanks to its wooden details, such as the wooden brew lever, perfectly integrated with the machine body steel and the distinctive red colour of the backlit panel. These are strong features, making it a real dream product and a furnishing element, that can perfectly fit minimalist styles and geometries. A revolutionary machine, where steel, design and technology coexist in harmony for a timeless success.

Gruppo Cimbali

Gruppo Cimbali is a world leader in the design and production of professional machines for espresso and fresh-milk drinks, as well as coffee and catering equipment. The Group, encompassing the brands La Cimbali, Faema, Slayer and Casadio has three production facilities in Italy and one in the USA (in Seattle, where Slayer machines are manufactured) and employs about 700 people in total. The Group’s passion and engagement for espresso culture and Made-in-Italy translated into setting up the Mumac – Museo della Macchina per Caffè – in 2012: the first and most extensive permanent exhibition about the history, world and culture of espresso machines, located at the Cimbali Group headquarters in Binasco, close to Milan. Mumac is hosting Mumac Academy, Gruppo Cimbali’s coffee-machine academy: a training, dissemination and research centre.

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