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Expo Milano 2015 celebrates Fairtrade Day and doing business equitably for the future of food

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The world of fair trade and representatives of farmers in Asia, Africa and Latin America are meeting in Milan on Wednesday, October 14, to celebrate Fairtrade Day and look for answers on the future of food.

It is a countdown to Fairtrade Day, a day that the Universal Exposition in Milan is dedicating to the role of producers and sustainable production with respect to the pivotal subject of the Universal Exposition: Feeding the planet.

Many meetings during the course of the day will involve leaders in the international system of trade that is fair and sustainable for the environment, for people and for their communities.

A meeting on “Fair carbon and the fight against climate change” at 10:00

At 10:30 in the morning in Cascina Triulza, there will be a meeting on Fair carbon and the fight against climate change that will take on the benefits of carbon finance in Fairtrade agricultural supply chains; then continuing with the events of the afternoon and evening in various Expo locations with Fairtrade certified products, for example the Future Food District (the supermarket of the future), the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster and Biodiversity Park.

The day will conclude in the Ecuador Pavilion with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with ProEcuador.

An entire day to discuss the benefits of Fairtrade

To discuss the benefits of Fairtrade, a certification system that sets a stable, fair price for farmers in developing countries and a premium to invest in social and environmental projects, leaders will be present, including Marike De Peña (President of Fairtrade International and Ambassador for WE – Women for Expo); Harriet Lamb (CEO of Fairtrade International); Bharath Mandanna (Fairtrade representative for Asian producers).

Claudia De Lillo, alias Elasti, will meet with them at 16:00 at the Slow Food Theater. The meeting is preceded by a presentation of a report from Fairtrade International on the United Nations’ development goals scheduled for post 2015 and by greetings from Giuseppe Sala (Commissioner of the Italian Government for Expo Milano 2015) and from Giuseppe di Francesco (President of Fairtrade Italy).

During the course of the day, the Exposition Site will be enlivened by colorful “banana people” who will promote to visitors the importance of responsible consumption and conscious purchasing decisions.

Download the program of events.

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