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Explore the full range of coffee grinding solutions with The Hemro Group

At the Hotelex 2017 in Shanghai (March 28 – 31), the Hemro Group Asia showcases its broad portfolio of coffee grinders.

SHANGHAI, People’s Republic of China – The foundation of any individual daily coffee ceremony is the brewing method. May it be a classic preparation like turkish mocca, espresso, filter or French press.

May it be a modern way of brewing with the AeroPress or with the Chemex.

Or may it be a fully-automatic coffee machine preparing the beverage. – The Hemro Group’s comprehensive range of grinding solutions contains a perfect coffee grinder for any appliance.

Driven by the passion for the perfect cup of coffee, the coffee grinder manufacturers Mahlkönig, Ditting, Anfim and HeyCafé have focussed on developing and optimizing premium coffee grinding solutions for many decades.

At the Hotelex 2017 in Shanghai (March 28 – 31), the Hemro Group Asia showcases its broad portfolio, including the following coffee grinding highlights:

  • Mahlkönig’s premium espresso grinder PEAK and the new PUQPRESS M1 automatic tamper module.
  • Ditting’s most accurate single portion grinder the 804 LAB SWEET.
  • Anfim’s powerful SP II espresso grinder and the brand-new CAIMANO II.
  • HeyCafé’s compact modular grinder HC123 and the allround assistant for home baristas, the H5 domestic grinder.

Everyone who is curious to discover the ultimate taste experience, is invited to enjoy speciality coffees, individually ground and brewed for any personal preference at the Hemro Taste Bar on booth no. E7C10.